Friday, 19 September 2014

winter wedding dresses on a budget ♥

How many of us dreamed about a getting married when we was little? 
After all them fairy tales we was told before bed, After all them romantic disney films we watched surely im not the only one that dreamed about meeting my prince charming and ending up happily ever after? 

But the question is - do you see yourself getting married in the heat or in the cold? everytime i think about getting married winter always comes to mind, dont get me wrong i have dabbled with getting married on a cruise boat, on a deserted island, on a sandy beach surround by "our" nearest and dearest. 

i know for a fact that when i get married i want a winter/christmas wedding. the frost sitting on the ground sparkling away, the christmas trees and decorations all around, the twinkle-y lights twinkling as you walk down the isle, to me winter and christmas scream magical. 

i know its your big day but is there a need to spend a grand on a dress? well ive took it up on myself and have chosen a selection of dresses id love to wear on my big day. 

this dress is £83 and is custom made - including size + colour - from china

this is £85 custom sized from china


this is £86 custom sized from china

this is £89 custom size from china

this is £98 pound, custom sized from china

<--- this is by far my favorite and i have to say this is one i would buy myself personally. i love style and it also seems more magical, more winter-y 

all of these are from china - all you do is send them ur measurements and they make it to ur sizes and needs. 

there amazing. 

if your getting married this winter - congratulations beautiful and i wish you all the happiness in the world! 


  1. These dresses are lovely :) My favourite is the third one! But I just don't know if I'd trust buying from China! I watched Don't Tell The Bride a few weeks ago, and the Groom did this and the dress looked good at first, but on closer inspection the material had holes all over, and the stitching was horrendous!

    1. ive saw that one, and in all fairness i stuck to ones with 100% positive feedback, my sister had her dress of china and it was the same seller as all of these xx


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