Monday, 31 August 2015

fashionista custom blush collection ♥

Hey loves,

Today im going to be showing you some of my newest editions to my makeup bag/drawers. the thing with me is i have a ton of blush and lipsticks they are the only thing id switch up a silly amount of times a week! honestly im known for switching blush and lipstick daily.. 

these i got for 50p from fragrancedirect (haul post here) i was planning on getting them from mua when they had them as a extra on there website but time got away from me and before i had the chance they was gone. 

the packaging is amazing so slim and compact, no extra packaging just the simple sqaure. i love the fact i can get the cases and add them to that if i wish which in the long run ill properly end up doing but for now there all looking at home in there own section in the blush drawer. i didnt just get these 3 shades. i got them all! 

for anyone that doesnt know the pan pops out and can be slotted into a case that is made for them from fashionista available on ebay.

L/R - new york, london & milan.

while i have a ton of blush i always go for more blushes like this. there baked so have a beautiful sheen which i have tried hard to capture on picture. i dont like a ton of colour on my cheeks since im known to be heavy handed with these sorts of things. specially if im getting ready at half 5 in the morning which i do often.. not in the last few months but its been known to occur more than once.
My personal favouite is new york - not just because of the name - since it gives a lovely rosey peach glow without looking over done! perfect for them days where im being pushed out the door before i've got my knickers on.

P.S. you will notice below that my blog has changed slightly.. ive decided to go for something a bit more knowing to me. i sign near all my texts with Kisses, Tracey x so why not bring this to something i love? the pictures will also alter too with @kissestraceyx but for now since i already had the photos edited they are going to stay the same. i hope you dont mind! i love you all spread the love with #kissestracey :)  

Friday, 28 August 2015

planner haul ♥

Hey girls, 

So i have another planner haul that i promised!

3 sets of stickers from aliexpress
5 glitter washi tapes from aliexpress

8 uniball fanthom pens

a small pencil case from aliexpress

from the 99pstore
from the 99pstore
from the 99p store
from wilkos
from wilko
from wilko
from ebay
all from aliexpress
plannable designs on etsy
the plump planner on etsy
the stickers are from the 99pstore, the file folders and washi tape
and the sticky notebook with flowers and mirrors and mechanical
pencils and rubbers are from wilko the gold and white note book is from home
this is from scrobby and will be my main planner for a while
(i hope)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

nyc expert last lip color - creamy caramel ♥

hey loves, 

you all know me and my lipsticks more than i have space for! this one i got from fragrancedirect for 99p not bad right? the packaging is nice. but the lid annoys me since i need to clean it. 

a darker nude that what i normally go for, and its not a taupe nude since that's what i go for more than browny nudes but this is lovely, it doesnt last long on the lips but its none drying and gives a glossy finish rather than a dull look. these are normally £1.99 i believe from superdrug but since i dont go by a superdrug all that often.

Monday, 24 August 2015

famous double your chance mascara ♥

hey loves,

im a bit late posting this in the day because i thought id already done it. my brain is all over the place lately, this is the type of mascara that i wouldnt normally review, mainly because for me its just a bog-standard mascara that doesnt do nothing for me. its black, it adds a little bit of volume but it runs like a mofo. the ball on the end is good for my bottom lashes but since it runs i shy away from it. pretty packaging but thats the best thing about it. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

look beauty primers ♥

Hey loves,

while i was looking on eBay for some face primers that brighten i found the look beauty perk me up primer that i couldn't resist but buying, but when i did the company sent me out the colour correct one instead so i contacted them expecting them to say "oh well return that one and we will send out the right one" instead they said they will send out the right one and i can keep the other as a gift as it was there mistake, lovely right?.. 

the bottles are pretty much identical apart from one is pink inside and the other is green, the packaging is pretty and i have taken a liking to the pump style primers because of this. 

lets start with the one i dislike - colour correct, now don't get me wrong i have alot of redness but this is too much green for one person. even after i put on my foundation i can still see a slight green tinge (not a cute look) i cant say that it makes my foundation last longer or that it makes it easier to apply because in all honesty i haven't saw enough of a difference to judge on them.

now onto the star of the show.. perk me up does exactly as it says on the tin, it makes my skin look healthier, glowier, and over all better. I'm a combo girl as I've said and i prefer more a lasting dewy look so things like this work wonders for me. I've used this is so many different ways that I'm surprised theres as much left as there is. I've mixed it in with my foundation, applied it all over my face as well as used it as a liquid highlighter. it just gives me that naturally radiant look every girl dreams off!

Monday, 17 August 2015

collection eyes uncovered nude palette ♥

Hey loves,

i love me some affordable makeup, ive made no secret about it, so when i was browsing boots a few months ago and spotted this for £2.99 on offer i couldnt say no and keep walking. The packaging is cardboard and slim yet very sturdy perfect for travel aswell as in the house use, it does come with one of those silly alicators that i personally dont use but hey they might work for some people. 

L/R - white chocolate, buttercream, biscuit, chocolate milk, brown sugar, espresso
As you can see the pigmentation isnt that fabulous but considering that this is without primer im not bothered, they last along time with and without primer and i dont get much if any fall out from the darker shades, over all there pretty easy to work with and all the colours match to make a effortless look for day to day or the darker shades for nights.

Friday, 7 August 2015

wilko kiss prime of your life ♥

Hey loves,

Today im here to show you another primer that i got from wilko but a brand called kiss x, it states on the packaging smoothing, light reflecting primer honestly i dont see it as light reflecting, its a silicone based primer while i sometimes like and sometimes hate. when they say smoothing i have to agree it does make my foundation go on smoother and when i haven't done a face mask in a few weeks my skin is never at its best and i need that smoothing quality when that happens. it doesn't help my makeup last any longer but it is mattifying but i do get greasy with a long day in the heat.

i believe this is £2-3 maybe £4? i did buy 2 of these when i finally found them in stock but honestly i cant say ill repurchase since ive got primers that i like better and that does alot more than this but i do enjoy how when i need that smoothness its there.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

w7 absolute lashes mascara ♥

Hey loves,

ive become obsessed with mascara in recent months but im a switch and swap typer girl, i like my options depending on my mood but this has been one of my "go to" mascaras, its not waterproof but it doesnt budge or smudge unless i use eye makeup remover which is pretty good going in my book. My lashes look longer, fuller and volumised it doesnt give me a curl but we cant win them all and that is what eye lash curlers are for. this was £2.10 from ebay and honestly w7 have become one of my new favorite brands they seem to be coming from every direction  with new stuff and replicating alot of highend stuff too.. this i believe is a dupe for the benefit the're real mascara which i dont own so cant judge but this is amazing and i highly recommend it.

Monday, 3 August 2015

collection gorgeous glow - blush block ♥

Well, Hello loves,

its been an eventful few months with me moving and what not and the last week has been one big event from the beginning but it is sunday 2nd and im getting back on the ol' blog business with a few tweaks coming soon.

i brought this about 2 months ago and was super excited to try it.. i actually wanted to buy both but my boots didnt stock the gold one (odd!) the packaging is super cute and i like that i can see through the lid, i guess it can be easy to break but i haven't had any issues yet.. 

when all mixed together it gives a pretty peachy-pink sheen to the cheeks with a gold shimmer. it can be pretty heavy on the glitter if your not using a stippling brush.. i use a small elf one which i now wish i stocked up on. its hard to catch on camera the true prettiness of it but i thought i did pretty good on catching the gold?..

have you tried these? what do you think?