Friday, 25 March 2016

Etsy Spotlight: AJ6 Designs ♥

Hello Loves, 

Today im doing a spotlight on the store AJ6 DESIGNS  by 2 sisters Denise + Amanda! ive only ever spoken to Denise but from how the company is im getting the feeling amanda is just as lovely as denise.

disclaimer will be at the end of the post.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Etsy Spotlight: wendy prints ♥

Hello Loves, 

Today im doing a spotlight on the etsy store wendy prints which is run by a lovely lady called Wendy.

i ordered these stickers on boxing day on bit of a whim really, i hadnt heard nothing about the store and i just saw someone share something on instagram so i thought oh why not and placed a small order.

The stickers i ordered are: credit card // coffee stickers // pay day // weekend banners //

the reason why i only brought 4 sheets is because at the time she didnt offer as many pre printed and cut stickers as she does now and im hoping to place a order again sometime soon.

The cut on these stickers are amazing, the weekend banners are litterly cut out words! which isnt something you come across very often, they are also easy to remove from the sheet without tearing. for £2 a sheet the pricing of the stickers are reasonable and the colours are vibrant on matte paper. the postage is £1 per order which i am finding happens with alot of stores at the moment, they took 3days to arrive from being posted but please remember i ordered on a bank holiday.

overall i cant fault the store or its owner. i did email them to see if it was ok to write this post and she was beyond helpful and answered all my questions without a problem.

i have changed up how im doing these posts. if you prefer the bullet point senctions then please let me know and ill revert back to that.

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Planner Love: 22nd - 28th ♥

Hey loves, 

date cover ups: patch and michelle.
coffee cup: wendyprintsx
full boxes & check lists: viccibplans - diva kit
wheelie bin: the plump planner
lips half box: the plump planner
to buy list: viccibplans
little book: mundane mummy
tvs: dream big and plan
to clean checklist: stickers by grace
movie markey: plannable designs 
shopping basket: annas planner bubble
lunch bag: dream big and plan
little pants line: pemberley prints
tiny flags: aj6designs
nail polish: patch and michelle
plan like a boss sticker: annas planner bubble

all shops are on etsy, i have a discount code for pemberley prints on my blog post about her store.

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