Wednesday, 30 July 2014

makeup brush haul ♥

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this last month or so has been the month for makeup brushes! i started building my makeup brush collection about a year ago and now i have added 18 new brushes to join the family.

ebay is my first main port o'call for makeup brushes since their inexpensive and work amazing well, and that is where most of my brushes are from bar some i got from elf  - i dont believe in spending 20odd pound on a single brush so i do it cheaper! 

the first brushes i got are the w7 ones, i got 2 of the 04 from fragrance direct and im not sure that they will be in that haul! i also got a 02 and a angled eyeshadow brush - totally disclaimer i was sent these and they will be reviewed very soon! 

the next brushes i got are the black and gold ones. i ordered this of ebay as a set of 4 for - wait for it - £1.46 ofcourse they was from hongkong but they arrived 2 weeks after i brought them which is pretty good going really! 

last but not least are the ones in the middle - a pack of 10! this comes with 5 large face brushes and 5 small face/eye brushes. this cost me all of £8.75 i believe and their amazing! i did order the black and gold but i received the silver ones - no biggy really! 

im sure that these wont be the last brushes i buy, but im happy - for now! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

room wishlist ♥

With the longing for a makeup/office room comes wishlist galore, am i right? some days i think i have a wishlist for every single room/website i visit!

i ofcourse is more practical for me!

ive come to the conclusion that i want a separate desk away from my dressing table to work on my blog and do stuff for clients and college. this would be perfect!

LINNMON/ALEX Table IKEA Pre-drilled holes for legs, for easy assembly. Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.

for my dressing table i wanted something simple, at first i wanted a hemnes dressing table and then a 9 drawer alex set. but then i saw this with a small alex built in.. well it was perfect!

ALEX Drawer unit IKEA Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.

and ofcourse to feed my makeup addiction i will need another alex drawer! and this will fit nicely under the table nice and neatly! and its white!! perfect


id love 2 of the pink ones for my makeup brushes which seem to be forever growing - love

well my loves, thats the main bits but there will always be updates about this! since im forever changing my mind - girl problems!

Friday, 25 July 2014

maybelline color tattoo - bad to the bronze ♥

So today, im reviewing another colour tattoo..  this is bad to the bronze or on and on bronze which is the uk name! the reason i have the us is i got mine of ebay as a set of 3 and they just happened to be the ones i wanted but it wasnt until i went to boots to see if there was a rose gold one and this was called on and on bronze lol,  

the formula of these are amazing! not to dry but not to creamy, i dont like the cream eyeshadows that are really wet - does that make sense? properly not but it just sets so quickly and i dont have to wait to go into powder eyeshadows i can go straight in with the powder shadows im using, blends like a dream - have you noticed i have a little crush on these! i dont get along with primers all that well so i just use these and there amazing! 

the colour is bronze and makes my blue eyes pop. it does have shimmer in it but unlike the gold one i have it doesnt end up with glitter all over my face, we all know i hate that!  over all i highly recommend this shade, and i cant think of a bad thing to say about it.. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - Slice Of Heaven ♥

helloo my lurveeeely lot.. how are we all?

today im going to ramble about this little bit of magic in the form of a lipgloss. now do you remember me saying i dont have many lipglosses because i dont really like them? well turns out after i sorted all my makeup i have a ton.. who knew? so ive took to the erm lips?! to test a few out. 

the first one is beauty rush by victoria's secret.. ive actually reviewed another one of these (here) but at the time this was my favourite out the two.  looking back now i realise how silly i was. this is a baby pink shade which is beautiful but it goes clear on the lips, and it has a iridescent shimmer running through it making it hard to team with lipsticks dont get me wrong its beautiful and makes my lips have some dimension but i always team gloss with a lipstick. These smell like vanilla - nice but sickly after a while and the smell doesnt go away until you take them off, they are also very sticky!! if you apply to much you get them strings when you open your mouth!! not a good look really is it? 

 sadly i cant say i will buy anymore since i dont get alot of use out of the ones i've got already and for $7 i really dont rate them.

Monday, 21 July 2014

2true glossywear lipstick - 8 ♥

surprise.. yes its another lipstick! but i know ur all bored so ill make it short and sweet! i hate this! i have a few lipsticks from this line but this is terrible! full of glitter and you know how i feel about glitter! and then the smell is terrible.. terrible! its a plastic chemically smell and this is the only one i have that smells like that but ive heard a few people say that this shade does! maybe its the glitter? theres not a lot of colour payoff since its meant to be a red.. just me or is this brand going down hill?! 

Friday, 18 July 2014

maybelline color tattoo - bold gold ♥

now i love the color tattoo range from maybelline i think their the perfect thing what we needed for us eyeshadow lovers ( did i say us?) i picked up 3 from ebay sometime last year, and didnt realise that they was the american version (no biggy) just dropping that out there if your looking for this shade it may have a different name! 

i loved this when i first got it, but then i noticed the glitter (see swatch) which is my massive bugbare.. the thing with glitter is it gets everywhere! no matter if its set it always seems to find a way. the formula of these are like a dry cream which of course dries quickly but it looks perfect everytime. this is the one i least reach for because of the glitter.. 

but i will be review the over 2 soon! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The BodyShop Seaweed Day Cream ♥

as you can clearly see half of it has gone! this i love, even if i dont use it everyday.. this moisturiser i use when im using foundation since its more like a primer than a moisturiser.. its mattifying and it just sinks effortlessly into my skin making it feel amazing and just makes my skin look better! it also minimises my pores too! it has a typical moisturiser smell but its a gel consistency which i understand to be better for combo/oily skin! 
im honestly loving this and i will definitely repurchase this when i run out.

this is price-y at £10 a pop, buy here

Monday, 14 July 2014

sleek i-divine eyeshadow palette - storm ♥

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. - Ashley Smith

i go from one extreme to the other.. one moment i dont do eye stuff or have any eyeshadow really now my drawer and makeup bag are over run with it!  i love palettes mostly because they help feed my addiction and because they are so travel friendly - they aslo give alot of combos in one handy little set! 

this one is called storm mostly neutrals with 3 pops of colour. there is 3 matte shades! a matte black (a palette must have) a light brown (transition shade) and a midtone brown (again transition) this is me in a palette! the mirror is huge making it easy to do all your makeup on the go. 

the formula of these eyeshadows are amazing a little powdery if you load your brush up a little to much, but very pigmented and blendable.

you can get these from superdrug and now boots! for £7.99

Sunday, 13 July 2014

crushing on nyx butter lipsticks!

i am crushing bad on these babies! now i know i can order them of cherry culture but the reason im put off is the import tax, since i can only order below 9 pound before im hit with a hefty tax debt and i want like 10 shades! and i cant be cunning and order 3 in each order either. its a bummer! 

my next option is to do a swap with someone in america for them but then theres the whole am i going to get conned and the panic, but if i do it this way i can ask them to say it was less than it was! it really is a comfuffle! 

then theres the option of me paypalling the money but i dont know anyone in the us (bar my cousin who lives in texas and i dout he will know what his picking up) so it will be like sending money to someone who i dont know, and again it will go through my head iif im going to get conned like it does with most things you buy from the us! 

the next option is to get a pen pal that you can send each other things but who would really want to do that with someone you dont really know 

its really not fair! the us has all the good things :( 

Friday, 11 July 2014

maybelline color vivid lipstick in shocking coral ♥

Helloo my beautifuls,

You may have noticed that i have changed my blogging days.. it is now.  monday, wednesday and fridays! at first i wasn't going to change them, purely because i had friday's reserved for "PR FRIDAYS" but i can do that in a thursday or sunday maybe?  the reason for doing this is i thought that all my blogposts grouped together at the beginning of the week and it didn't look like i blogged as much as i do, so im all for a change :) and if i dont like it i can always decided to go back to the old schedule cant i? 


today im back with a lipstick review.. lets face it theres not going to be a time where i dont have one.. i love them and trust me, everyone knows i do! 

this one is from maybelline and at the moment im really into their brand! it being "summer" here in the UK ive been into mixing the coral shades of lipstick i have into my pinks just to add that little bit of sumasuma, so when i spotted this i HAD to have it! since it saves me the time and effort of mixing 2 lipsticks together.. (effort? please i live for this kinda stuff!) i have to admit when i save the word coral i was a bit ughhh, i dont need no more corals in my collection since i dont use them as much as i do pink.. then i swatched it! oh lord i fell deeply inlove.. 

this lipstick is so unique, i find that in different lights it will look so different, in one light it can look pink (a bold pink at that) and others it can look coral (a seemingly wearable coral for me) and then it can look like im wearing 2 maybe even 3 lipsticks combined! its a satin finish, not glittery! (hurray?) and smells amazing, for some reason it reminds me of my nan. 

heres a swatch that is the combined version for me..

i got mine from here for £7.19

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

calvin klien tempting glimmer eyeshadow in sheer nectar ♥

today im back with a poundland purchase, from what i understand now ck makeup is hard to come by? or am i making that up and its everywhere? anyway at the time these were all over the internet making their appearance from poundland and i also believe that these turned up on the scene with brothers and sisters in the forms of lipsticks and blushers? but when i made it to my local poundland they only had the eyeshadows! 

i picked this one up thinking i may not like it so theres no point in me buying like 10 and then just sitting in my drawer till i give them to a friend well im here to say that they arnt going anywhere! ive actually picked up some more recently from poundland so thats how much i like these. They are great as a base for a powdered shadow on top but also pigmented enough to be able to just put this on and go. their creamy but not to creamy that they crease like crazy.. i find that these have a good 7hours wear before it starts to go which is pretty good going for something that doesnt say that its long lasting! they are easy to blend out too. The colour here is a purple-y bronze (the swatch below doesnt do it justice at all!) its shimmery but not glitterly which is a massive bonus point! 

if you could get them in your local poundland you can order them here for £2.25