Monday, 29 December 2014

nyc ultra last lipstick - hot spot pink ♥

Hello my dolls,

Ive said it before and ill say it again, the packaging on this sucks! i love the black and the writing but the lid is a kicker for me (still) but hey i brought them knowing what i was getting really didn't i? and at least i can see the shade easily but id still prefer the lid to not be clear!

the shade "hot spot pink" is a muted pink, not a lot of shimmer really and i like that its more of a cream effect which is hard to come by in the drugstore really, this is a shade id wear for every day since as it fades it isn't noticeable from a mile away. I do love a good bright lip but for them days I'm running here there and ever id use a shade like this! 

i honestly love the shade and the finish. it doesn't try my lips out either! *bonus*

Friday, 26 December 2014

2015 Planner

With 2015 around the corner (less than a week! YIKES) i decided that i didnt want to continue with my filofax, dont get me wrong i love my filo but its just to small, i was sent the personal size and the paper inside was smaller i used to have to take them out to write on them and it got tiresome so i just stopped writing in it, but i needed to be organised and it just got harder and harder to that! 

i saw this on the uk planner addicts facebook page and i loved it! reminded me of the sugar paper planners but this has a elastic band to keep it all together, its from paperchase and was £10 (here) which you may think is a bit much for a planner but if you work out how much i use it daily its works out to be a steal!  i adore it! it started from the 15th december and works perfectly - i can decorate it and write all i need to on the pages, i was thinking of doing a post once a month/once a week to see how ive decorated that week as a extra post. 

im going to be doing a post on my "planner accessories"  which is the pink case and the plastic zip pouch. 

if you have any planner posts please request! :) 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

merry christmas!!!!

i know there was no post yesterday but i was run of my feet! i hope you all have a great day and are looking forward to kicking back with a glass of wine and a big fat roast!! 

i love you all and im grateful for your ever growing support!

Monday, 22 December 2014

The Christmas Tag ♥

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
the polar express or a princess for christmas. i also love the grinch 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve of Christmas morning?
when i was little i remember opening my auntie beryls presents on christmas eve, and our christmas pyjamas but thats it - the main event happens on christmas morning.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
err.. i think this would have to be when i was 5years old, my nanna was still here and we used to go there first thing in the morning she made christmas so special - i miss her

4. Favourite festive food?
you know, my minds blank! i know this isnt really festive but every christmas my mom would make her own bread none stop, so it will have to be a turkey sandwich on my mommas bread.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
i think this has to be my first laptop. well main laptop - i had one i brought myself it was a white netbook i loved it but it was to small to work on - my mom brought me my old laptop 5years ago and then she updated it for me last xmas with one which is alot bigger in screen 

another is when my mom got me my first art kit in the shape of winnie the poohs head ive loved drawing ever since.

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
i like yankee candles christmas memories and christmas eve!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
 id have a hot bubble bath get into my new pjs kick back with a christmas dvd and hot chocolate with freshly baked cookies before going to bed with a hotwater bottle. its been like that since i can remember

8. What tops your tree?
it used to be a star but its a angel now

9. As a kid, what was the gift you always wanted but never received?
i think this has to be the baby born wardrobe! i was really in to baby dolls when i was younger and i always wanted it but santa never got it me 

10. What’s the best part of Christmas for you?
the best part of christmas for me is the decorations, i just think it makes the whole world more magical, between the twinkly lights, the frost on the floor making it look like glitter its just all magical and the cold bite you get from being out to long, the cosy clothes, the cosy pjs, the central heating smell. ohkay im obsessed! its not about the presents for me - its about the little things people over look i love the cosy nights in with family just watching dvds

Friday, 19 December 2014

maybelline betterskin superstay foundation - ivory ♥

Hello my dears, 

so first of the bottle - its glass which i happen to like, it also has a pump which when i do my makeup collection you will see that im a massive fan of glass bottles and pumps! the colour of the writing and the pump is my favourite bit, its so bold and in your face that you cant help but want to pick it up really or is that just me? patterns and colours suck me in like no other!

The colour of the shade i picked is spot on, but ive become pretty good on just randomly picking my shade. the formula is lovely and is a medium/high coverage, The only issue i have is if i use it to often it drys out my skin but if i use it for a few days and then stop for a few days its fine. It hasnt broke me out and it doesnt have a strong scent. 

bottom line is i like it and if it didnt dry my skin out i would use it all the time without a problem.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

miss sporty studio colour mono eye shadow - 106 wild ♥

and we're back! - hiii :)

time for a eyeshadow review i guess, this one is from miss sporty (clearly - wakeup tracey!) the packaging is pretty and i rather like it, doesnt seem like its easy to break and i can easily see the shade. the shades a lovely deep purple its got a slight sheen to it rather than a shimmer super pretty. with a primer its a dream to wear, super pigmented and easy to blend but without a primer its not worth the effort let alone the money. without a primer its got barely no pigment to it and for something that is around £2 i guess you would expect that but not when you have eyeshadows for a pound and they blow this out the water. all i can say is ill only use this with a primer, it is a pretty deep plummy purple though and very now im my opinion. i have nothing bad to say apart from the pigment, theres not much fall out either.

top with primer. bottom without.

Monday, 15 December 2014

natural collection moisture shine lipstick - fig leaf ♥

Hello my loves, 

well looky here, another nude lipstick  i did say that ive become addicted to them didnt i? This is what started them off. my sister has mac velvet teddy and ive used it loads so on a hunt for a dupe i heard missbudgetbeauty mention that this has the same kinda tones so i went out and picked up within a few hours - i was going shopping anyway - come home and got ready for a girls night out i poped this on my lips and i was head over heels inlove not even kidding. the packaging isnt all that reminds me of the toy lipsticks you used to get when you was a child in dressing up stuff. but its still nice but it could be better. 

the shades a bit of a pinky taupe shade without glitter, this is just prove that companies that sell there cosmetics so inexpensive can do beautiful lipsticks without the ton of glitter! the formula is so creamy and buttery that i cant help but love it. 

these are £1.99 from boots

Sunday, 14 December 2014

planner: week 51 ♥

this is going to be me showing you how ive decorated this week in my planner, this is my new planner so ive only just started it ( a post about the planner is comming!) 

disney and colour code!

in my sunday and notes section i put my to dos for the week if it doesnt matter what day its done! 

Friday, 12 December 2014

sleek blush - suede ♥

Hello my sweets,

sleek is a brand i havent tried much from. a few palettes and a blush which is what we're here to look at today. First of is the packaging i love it, its simple and pretty, it hasnt got no extra packaging for a unnecessary blush brush that everyone throws away and theres a decent mirror. 

the shade looks more like a bronzer in the top picture, but its actually a peachy brown lovely for a smokey eye. totally matte and pretty, i use this without bronzer because of the shade. 

these are about 4.49 from boots and superdrug 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

MUA PowerPout - Broken Hearted ♥

Hello my dears, 

mua pulls at my heart strings, but some items more than others, these are one of those products i brought and hardly reach for unless i force myself. i know its because there in the gloss drawer that i hardly ever go into but its also for the fact that these didnt blow me away. 

the packaging is lovely and reasonably priced at £3, the minty smell i love and it sticks around for a while after.

the formula is lovely and the shades available are beautiful but this one has to be my favourite. its a lovely berry pink which i love in the beginning of autumn as its starting to get colder then i get darker and darker. 
i cant say i hate it because i dont but i just dont love them, they was over hyped and nothing special since they was late to jump on the band wagon. but i can say i have a few of these in my day to day acrylic lipstick holder to make me wear them more.

over all there nice, they dont claim to be a stain but they do stain my lips nicely. 

have you tried these? what do you think?

Monday, 8 December 2014

nyc in a new york minute nail polish - battery park purple ♥

Hello my honeys,

its not often i paint my nails anymore, i prefer to go and get them done at a salon where i can relax and be pampared just a little bit but every now and then id take a break from that and go solo and paint them. 

the price mark its around £1-2 a bottle and honestly id pay triple for this! but lets face it we all love a bargain, specially if you dont use nail polish much. 

this can be seen on my ring finger (look at my nails! terrible, someone call a professional STAT!) This shade is a beautiful deep purple, perfect for this time of year, the formula is so opaque that 2coats and im done. 60seconds and there touch dry but like all polishes do not go digging your nails in it, no way would it be completely and utterly dry after 60seconds. The one niggle i have with this is its easy to mess up quickly if your not concentrating perfectly on it, as you can see it can get messy. 

over all i do like and i will recommend :) 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Wish List ♥

Helloo my loves, 

with christmas just weeks away im here with what im hoping santa will bring me. This year i haven't asked for much simply because im getting older and everything i want i normally buy myself anyway but i recently done my makeup course and this is what ive asked for.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Makeup Academy lipstick - shade 14 bare ♥

Hello my darls, 

We all know lipstick is my guilty pleasure, i own so many that i cant help having to show you all my latests loves - all coming soon - this being from mua for a £1 i cant complain. I have mentioned before more than once that mua can get it so right with packaging and on the odd occasion so so wrong, but where their lipsticks are concerned i think they got it so so so right! i cant complain about them for the fact i like the black sleek packaging yes i does look cheap but atleast it has a coloured lid! that what makes the packaging a win for me, the lid. i mentioned a few posts back how i hate when lipsticks can be amazing in formula and shade but the packaging lets them down, theres been a few that i have walked past because of this and when i finally pick them up on offer or given them as a gift im pleasantly surprised. 

price = win
packaging = win

Again lipsticks can be ruined with with glitter which mua has done so many times in the black packaging rage, dont get me wrong i dont mind a little glitter but when its been thrown in to the point i could use it as a lip scrub is a no go for me, this one hasnt got much glitter if any. ive been really getting into my nudes recently but i like the more pinky brown nudes rather than peach nudes. This to me is the perfect shade of nude and i love it! would highly recommend to give this a try 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Makeup/Beauty haul ♥

from poundland i brought
 a new handheld mirror since this is just to pretty to walk past, i brought 2 packs of the lip balms in both scents, cherry and strawberry! hope these get me throw the cold months ahead. ive recently coloured my hair a raspberry red, and even though its permanent the colour is fading like no other! so im hoping this shampoo and conditioner will help that (UPDATE: its helped loads!) i also brought this argan oil heat defence since i use heat on my hair on a daily basis since having it all chopped of! i love the smell, 

from boots i picked up
 another lipstick from natural collection in rose bud, 
a natural collection concealer in light, 
a collection does it all mascara (ive mentioned before that im terrible in buying mascaras, its the one thing that slips my mind!)

the professional background is back! love!
from ebay i got:
an avon ideal luminous highlighter - positively luminous
i also got a collection pump up the volume loudlash mascara

from boots i got:
a miss sporty fabulous lash curved brush mascara
a miss sporty perfect colour lipstick - candy cake (im so disappointed! i love the shade but the lipstick was all mushed into the lid when i opened it, it was still sealed aswell :( )
a miss sporty perfect colour lipstick - sweet berry

last but not leased! 
from poundland i got 
2 lipstick holders!!

Sunday, 30 November 2014


hiya guys, 

this giveaway will be open until boxing day! and the winner will be picked not long after it ends, 

there will be 2 winners! 

the first winner will win: 

a naked pallette of your choice, 
a mac lipstick in rubywoo
a mac lipstick in velvet teddy
a mac mineralized skinfinish in lightscapade 

the second winner will win: 

a  £30 gift card to a shop of your choice!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Fragrance Direct Shopping List ♥

Hello my girlies, 

with less than a month to christmas, im here with my "boxing day wishes" we all know im a bargain hunter, dont get me wrong i have some high end items but i love my drugstore and thats what i focus my blog on.

fragrance direct is amazing for bargains and honestly i would order of there all the time if my bank account would allow me to,  which it sadly doesn't. 

Here are my current picks which i would personally pick up.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

rimmel moisture renew lipstick - piccadilly pink ♥

hello m'lovelies, 

Today im reviewing yet another lipstick, this one is from rimmel with the old packaging, i brought this from the packaging is a beautiful i love the purple, and i do enjoy the new packaging since its the same shade of purple.

i got this for £1.50 from fragrance direct but i believe they are £5.99 in boots and superdrug. 

the shade is a beautiful midtone pink and it is such a creamy formula which i really enjoy as you can geuss from  the name of the lipstick that its moisturising which is great for autumn and winter. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

MUA mosaic blusher - english rose ♥

hello my sweets,

oh well im back again with another little thing from mua, not that i needed another mua review but there we go. 
Today is this charming mosaic brusher, i brought the whole of the mosaic line when i purchesed this for £2.50 each not bad right? the packaging is fabulous! its sturdy and i can see the charming pattern, the whiting is coming of but that happens to alot of things but other all im impressed. 

isnt it just pretty when things are mosaic and stays that way when you swatch and use it?  i was put of for sometime using this because i was convinced that as soon as i put my brush it will all be mixed together and that was that, i was wrong since you can still see it perfectly. The reason for no swatch is because i couldnt pick it up on camera, since it gives of a delicate sheen more than pigment it was just hard to capture it, but it does give a beautiful pinky sheen to the cheeks. When i first tired this out i was going on a girly night so i put this on a thought of sh*t grabbed another blusher (wetnwild pearlescent pink) which also had shimmer in and then i already had my marylou on. but it looked fabulous (should have taken a picture) and not to over done.