Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Makeup Academy lipstick - shade 14 bare ♥

Hello my darls, 

We all know lipstick is my guilty pleasure, i own so many that i cant help having to show you all my latests loves - all coming soon - this being from mua for a £1 i cant complain. I have mentioned before more than once that mua can get it so right with packaging and on the odd occasion so so wrong, but where their lipsticks are concerned i think they got it so so so right! i cant complain about them for the fact i like the black sleek packaging yes i does look cheap but atleast it has a coloured lid! that what makes the packaging a win for me, the lid. i mentioned a few posts back how i hate when lipsticks can be amazing in formula and shade but the packaging lets them down, theres been a few that i have walked past because of this and when i finally pick them up on offer or given them as a gift im pleasantly surprised. 

price = win
packaging = win

Again lipsticks can be ruined with with glitter which mua has done so many times in the black packaging rage, dont get me wrong i dont mind a little glitter but when its been thrown in to the point i could use it as a lip scrub is a no go for me, this one hasnt got much glitter if any. ive been really getting into my nudes recently but i like the more pinky brown nudes rather than peach nudes. This to me is the perfect shade of nude and i love it! would highly recommend to give this a try 

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  1. This looks like a perfect nude colour, MUA are amazing for the price xx
    Love VictoriaJanex


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