Friday, 27 February 2015

natural collection blushed cheeks blusher - dusky pink ♥

Hey loves,

today im going to be review one of my true loves, BLUSHER! its been no secret that my loves are lipsticks and blush but shocker eyeshadow is coming close to! 

but back to the item at hand, this blusher is super pretty, the packaging is basic as ive said in a previous post but i do like it, i like that the lid is clear but they are easy to break so i do need to be careful.

the pigment isnt to bright so i can be heavy handed and not have a issue, its not to powdery either and blends nicely. for £1.99 i do have the set, i do reach for this often since its the perfect everyday colour, and doesnt have much shimmer! 

Monday, 23 February 2015

covergirl trublend foundation - 410 classic ivory ♥

today is this foundation all the way from overseas, i believe this is the old packaging but i could be wrong, i got this of ebay while i was looking for my outlast stayfabulous, the bottles the same and so is the pump, it can be locked so it cant be pressed down! how fab is that? 

it is glass but i like that so dont mind all that much really since when i travel i pack it so its not going to fall and get damaged. 

the shade i got is classic ivory, the same shade that i had in outlast and its a great match for me, as you can see it is pale but im as pale as a ghost so its a good match, the finish is dewy and i love that ive gotten into the glowy look recently, it lasts about 9hours without touch ups which is pretty good going for a budget dewy finish foundation. 
i like this foundation and i reach for it when i want a dewy finish but not a strong dewy finish if that makes sense?

Friday, 20 February 2015

W7 nude kiss lipstick - sahara ♥

Hii loves,

w7 nude kiss lipstick, ofcourse from the name its a nude! lovely. the packaging is the same sleek black square as before, but this time it has a nude kiss logo on the lid which you can just make out. the w7 is in bossed in the bullet again which is such a highend look to such a inexpensive lipstick. 

this is a pinky nude which suits me alot better than the peach tone ones. its not got glitter in at all just a sheen from it being a cream finish, it lasts along time alot like the matte lipsticks from the same brand which i reviewed a few weeks ago, theres a few shades i want to get from the same line from the brand too!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

miss sporty fabulous lash curved brush mascara - black ♥

Hey loves, 

ive mentioned before how mascara is my downfall, my mascaras never seem to try out so i just dont change it when i should but that is changing this year. 

this one from miss sporty is a twist on the fabulous lash they have had for sometime this one has a curved brush.  isnt the colour of the tube pretty?

the brush is curved as suggested and its a bristle brush which i personally enjoy in a mascara, when you first buy this mascara it is a little to wet for my liking so i let it dry out a bit before using it, when i finally did use it i was pleasantly surprised it curled my lashes and gave me volume and a bit of length, i was given alot of compliments when i wore this but my 1pm i looked like a panda, not a cute look even if i do love pandas. 

for £1.99 i would recommend it for someone who only wears makeup for a few hours a day where im going for long periods of time not looking in mirrors or being able to touch up my makeup. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

what i would wear to a christening ♥

hey lovies, 

today im going to show you my idea of a christening outfit, my niece is getting christening in a few months and i think its a good idea to put a few posts together about the kinda things you can wear, first of is what i would wear!

this top is from pinkclove, (still on there website) its black and has a zip at the shoulder, its classy and rocky in one.

these trousers are from evans (still on the website) the straight leg and has zips at the pockets.

these shoes are from ebay, you used to be able to get them from new look but there not in store anymore sadly. here 


the clutch is also from ebay, because it matched here

Friday, 13 February 2015

rimmel stay blushed cream blusher - sunkissed cherry ♥

Hey loves, 

we all know how i feel about cream blushes, but i continue to pick them up and try them because i desperately want to like them, this is no different from the rest i decided i would review it since i haven't heard nothing about them since they come out apart from a few raved reviews, i saw this in superdrug for about 3.99 and decided it wasnt worth it if im not going to like it and put it back, then i went into poundland and they was in there. bonus! i actually really like the packaging but its easy to get to much since its a squeeze tube.

the colour is pretty but if you look closely its bitty and it gets like that as soon as you touch the product to blend it out, its also patch when you look really close, the finish is a little oily for my liking and it does sink into my pores a little, its not the worst ive tried believe me but its not the best! 

if you have any recommendation for cream blushers please let me know 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

its my birthday!

since it is my birthday there wont be a normal post today but please stay tuned theres some exciting things coming 

love you all!

Monday, 9 February 2015

W7 matte lipstick - naked ♥

Hi loves,

matte lipsticks are my thing at the moment and so are nudes, recently im drawn to them like a moth to a flame and i honestly will continue to buy more and more until i find my perfect one.

i love the packaging and the little details like the imbost logo on the bullet.

the formula is a standard matte, without the dry cracking feeling, its hard to find a creamy pure matte lipstick but this was done perfectly, the shades more browny nude than its showing up in pictures, but honestly i dont really want to use it so much just because of the w7 stamp on the bullet, its just to pretty. im planning on picking up a few more shades since i love the formula

what matte lipsticks should i try next?

Friday, 6 February 2015

Makeup Academy eyeshadow palette - hall of fame ♥

Hi loves!

a new palette from mua was released before christmas and i just had to pick it up even if i had the shades in different palettes, its a impulse but since its all the favourite shades its the perfect travel palette full of the mua shades that people love and adore, 

the pigment is their standard amazingness, but just look at them shades, its perfection! but the from of the palette is fabulous i love the look of the glitter.

look at that pigment, its fantastic for £4. 
top L/R - rose ash, bare, lion, reveal, tectonite, hydra
bottom L/R - shy, cata-comb, china, hustle, cool grey, titan

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

nail kit wants

hey loves, 

today im going to be showing you the things on my list for my nail kit, if you remember back i was onabout doing my gel nail course, well im not a fully qualified gel nail technician. 



nail tips: 100pcs-Fashion-Fake-False-Nail-Artificial-Acrylic-UV-Gel-Art-Tips-Tool-Nail-Art here


there will be more posts along the lines of nails but for now this one is enough. what colour tips do you like the best?

Monday, 2 February 2015

a small makeup haul ♥

Hey loves, 

i know i know i said no more hauls but this is tiny! and cost less than £15 all together!  

as a rule i dont normally check the little market stall on the way to my local asda mainly because its in a odd place but as i walked past a few weeks ago i saw they had w7, so had a sneak peak and they was having a sale!! who could pass that up? i picked up all this for £5, 

w7 high definition foundation in buff // nude kiss lipstick - sahara // matte lipstick - naked // prime magic anti-redness //

then my and my sister & friend had a little trip to town for gifts for a friends baby shower! and as we wondered around i picked up a few bits! ( bar the palette i had that before the trip) 

make up revolution blush - love & treat // primark p.s. love lipsticks // poundland jess polish - snow queen // mua romantic efflorescence palette

no more make up now - i promise!