Friday, 13 February 2015

rimmel stay blushed cream blusher - sunkissed cherry ♥

Hey loves, 

we all know how i feel about cream blushes, but i continue to pick them up and try them because i desperately want to like them, this is no different from the rest i decided i would review it since i haven't heard nothing about them since they come out apart from a few raved reviews, i saw this in superdrug for about 3.99 and decided it wasnt worth it if im not going to like it and put it back, then i went into poundland and they was in there. bonus! i actually really like the packaging but its easy to get to much since its a squeeze tube.

the colour is pretty but if you look closely its bitty and it gets like that as soon as you touch the product to blend it out, its also patch when you look really close, the finish is a little oily for my liking and it does sink into my pores a little, its not the worst ive tried believe me but its not the best! 

if you have any recommendation for cream blushers please let me know 

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  1. Ooh Rimmel do a 'Wake Me Up' cream illuminating blusher, which is actually really good and you can get it in discount stores like Poundland and Home Bargains :) might be worth a try as you won't be losing much money? It's not been bitty for me at all.

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