Sunday, 20 December 2015


Hey loves, 

just to let you all know my blog is going to be in "holiday" mode from now until the new year.. the reason why is that i want to spend as much time with my family as i can. with that being said ill hopefully be back on new years day with a new post! 

from my family to yours we wish you a very merry christmas and a fabulous new year! 

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Etsy spotlight - candy pink designs ♥

Hey loves,

today im back with another etsy spotlight and this week is a shop called candy pink designs and its run by a lovely lady called Amy.

now lets just put this out there.. amy did send me these for this purpose but i adore them and have filled my etsy cart full of stickers from her shop - there amazing quality for £1.50 per sheet!

i was sent - the movie set, the cocktail glasses and the post boxes!

the doctor who sheet, my little mermaid sheet and the mad hatter sheet..

i was also sent some page flags, some tear drops and some check boxes. 

the shop itself host a wide-range of stickers and i believe theres 15 sheets in my cart atm. you have seen some of these in my spreads over the weeks since this post has been a long post in the making. 

price: the price is amazing! £1.50 per sheet? yes please over and over again! id continue to purchase again and again even if its just re-buying the sheets ive already got - they will continue to be used no matter what! i pray she get continues to update her shop with new goods!

paper: the paper feels of high standard, really easy to peal from the backing and the kiss cut is the best ive seen so far! 

finish: the finish is matte which i prefer. i dont like glossy i just cant get along with them unless im not writing on them.

postage cost: the postage cost is a £1 per order! no adding up more just a standard £1

postage time: postage was very quick. i was told she posted one day and was here the next! im very pleased with this since im very impatient when it comes to waiting for items.

The lovely amy provided a discount code which is blog15   
the shop is currently closed for the christmas period but it re-opens on the 28th december!

like i said, i have been sent these but you will be seeing the shop featured in more hauls and layouts. Please know that these being sent to me doesn't change my opinion on them. 
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Thursday, 17 December 2015

clothing wishlist ♥

hey loves, 

today im doing a clothing wish list, there is going to be another post stating that ill be going back to work in the new year.. and its not a hairdressing job! so all my clothes need to be "office" proved! i wear quite basic clothes anyway since my hair is red and im boring with my clothes too.. 

ladies gathered cowl neck tops - the reason why your not seeing the full top in all the pics is because it wouldnt let me shrink the top in size to show it! so i done it slowly going up.. ive already got a few of these tops and i love them!

ladies baggy tee-shirt  - basic tops that i really like.. 

the reason why i dont have a ton of bottoms is because i have a ton of trousers from being a hairdresser and i just need basic comfy tops so these are what id be buying for work :)
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Planner Love: 14th - 20th ♥

Hey loves, 

today im back with my planner layout for this week! it looks a little bare looking at the picture but now (im typing this at 6am on wednesday morning - yay for being awake and having a massive cup of coffee) its filling up nicely *there will be a picture on my instagram @kissestraceyx* im tempted to set up a planner instagram but i dont really have a blog instagram its just all in one! ive never been able to do the multi accounts bkuz ill be logged into one without checking on the other!

back to business.. 

stickers are from: 

coloured dots: wilkinsons
weekend banner: its only me, caralee on etsy
christmas countdown stickers: cute daisy printable
spray bottles: the plump planner 
half box: printed by me
present: the plump planner
the washing machine: candy pink designs
laundry basket: candy pink designs
makeup brushes: mundane mummy
shopping trolley dot: the plump planner
planner: the plump planner 
quarter boxes: printed by me
blogger b sign: the plump planner
little notebook/planner: mundane mummy
movie sign: plannable designs 
camera: its only me caralee
nail polish bottle: its only me caralee

i dont know where i got the decorative stickers from if im honest, they was just there in my collection!  
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

makeup wishlist ♥

Hello loves, 

now if you've been around for a while you will know that im a makeup addict and you would also notice that my blog has basically become free of makeup recently, not on purpose but ive not been buying make up and ive hardly been wearing it so no point in me reviewing products ive not been wearing..  but after christmas im going back to work and ill be wearing makeup again! so im going to be building my wishlists again and reviewing them alot more - ideally - so these are the items that are on my wish list at the moment!

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Monday, 14 December 2015

How I Pre-plan In My Planner ♥

Hello ladies, 

i know, i know i disappeared again but ive had this flu that i just cant shift, my voice has been going and coming back, my chest feels horrible, and i just feel groggy so all the posts that was meant to happen last week, are being put up this week! so from today to friday urll have a post everyday YAY!!

i know people have been asking how i pre-plan.. and the reason is i decorate my planner i dont use it as just a basic planner, i find if its a bit more pretty it goes into my brain alot better than boring old black and write.. 

my monthly sections look a little something like this.. i use sticky notes for my blog posts, so i can move them from date to date.. its normally a little more colour coded with pink being beauty, green planner related and yellow life. on the sundays i use it to plan my weekly themes.. i block of birthdays and special events like christmas and new years day.. i use the side notes section for my online orders what ive done that month. i also use my monthlies for my bills aka when there due and when they will come out.. which ive covered up with the sticky notes effectively before doing this post! i dont really decorate my monthly section but i do block of the weekends so i can see monday to friday with just a glance. 

i then use page flags on my weekly section.. on the friday night or saturday ill sit down and transfer everything on to these page flags so when i come to plan on the sunday i dont need to keep flicking back and forth to the monthly section.. i also add in things i need to do this week on days i want to do it, if ive got an appointment for that day then i put it straight in to the weekly section on one of this page flags rather than my monthlies. i decorate a bit coming up to the week in hand but other than that i dont do much until the sunday... 

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Etsy Spotlight - Pretty Crafty Stickers ♥

Hello ladies,

im back today with another etsy spotlight on a shop called pretty crafty stickers.

im going to do my DISCLAIMER here because before i can jump into the actual post i normal say why i choose these stickers - well i was sent them for this purpose, that doesn't mean i like them anymore than the ones i brought myself or that im going to continue to get freebies from this shop, it just means i was sent them and this is my honest opinion. 

and now that is out of the way i can go on to the stickers i was sent are:self check // ladies night // money bags // gas pumps // asterisks

The design on these stickers are amazing, there a semi gloss id say, not matte but not overly glossy.. the colours of the stickers are very vibrant and for the amount you pay you get alot on the sheet (around 2-4pounds per sheet) and she also offers a deluxe pack of between 30 and 70 sheets from as little as £27.41 to as much as £52.66 which i really want to buy.

The self check stickers are so unique, ive not saw them on anyones shop apart from paulas which is a big thumbs up from me since its something all ladies should be doing!

price: the price reflects well from the quality and the amount you get, it might be a little more than the other sets of stickers ive brought but honestly id pay it willingly - watch out boxing day! im coming for ya - and since im not spending money on stickers until boxing day im excited to see what she comes out with!

paper: the paper feels of high standard, really easy to peal from the backing and the kiss cut is the best ive seen so far! 

finish: on the page it says the sticker finish is matte, from seeing other matte stickers and printing my own on matte paper i can say its not fully matte. its a beautiful finish.

postage cost: the postage cost is around 79p and then 50p every other sheet.. which i just found out by adding 9 sheets to my shopping cart!

postage time: postage did take a few days from the time she said she sent them but in the shops defence its from dublin! and it only took 4 days and i know ive had things take longer from london.
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Planner Love: 30th - 6th♥

Hey loves, 

im back with this week's planner - the countdown to christmas has begun! christmas is my favourite time of year without a dout, i know i moan about the cold but honestly its the best time of year for me im a full on winter girl.. i was born in the winter and i love the cosy clothes!

anyway.. back to my planner! ofcourse i add things after i post this so your seeing the planner at the beginning.

i need to add my christmas quote in the corner which im still yet to print (it should be there by the time this goes up)

things on my page:

washi tapes: ALL from ebay 
banner on sidebar: mswendafuldesigns printable
snail mail sticker: mundane mummy sampler (i need more of these)
weather stickers: ebay
blog stickers: printable from lemon paper co. 
birthday banners:  the plump planner
christmas countdown stickers: cute daisy printable
house stickers: printable by me
nail stickers: printable by me
quarter boxes: printable by me 
washing machine : plump planner 
banner on wednesday - ms wendafuldesigns printable (smaller than one on side bar) 
weekend banner: printable from facebook 
makeup brushes: mundane mummy 
tv: printable from facebook
pamper face: plannabledesigns 
heart check list: candy pink designs 
bill due sticker:kitti k printables 
laptop : plump planner 
notebook - mundane mummy
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