Monday, 14 December 2015

How I Pre-plan In My Planner ♥

Hello ladies, 

i know, i know i disappeared again but ive had this flu that i just cant shift, my voice has been going and coming back, my chest feels horrible, and i just feel groggy so all the posts that was meant to happen last week, are being put up this week! so from today to friday urll have a post everyday YAY!!

i know people have been asking how i pre-plan.. and the reason is i decorate my planner i dont use it as just a basic planner, i find if its a bit more pretty it goes into my brain alot better than boring old black and write.. 

my monthly sections look a little something like this.. i use sticky notes for my blog posts, so i can move them from date to date.. its normally a little more colour coded with pink being beauty, green planner related and yellow life. on the sundays i use it to plan my weekly themes.. i block of birthdays and special events like christmas and new years day.. i use the side notes section for my online orders what ive done that month. i also use my monthlies for my bills aka when there due and when they will come out.. which ive covered up with the sticky notes effectively before doing this post! i dont really decorate my monthly section but i do block of the weekends so i can see monday to friday with just a glance. 

i then use page flags on my weekly section.. on the friday night or saturday ill sit down and transfer everything on to these page flags so when i come to plan on the sunday i dont need to keep flicking back and forth to the monthly section.. i also add in things i need to do this week on days i want to do it, if ive got an appointment for that day then i put it straight in to the weekly section on one of this page flags rather than my monthlies. i decorate a bit coming up to the week in hand but other than that i dont do much until the sunday... 

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