Friday, 4 December 2015

Etsy Spotlight - Pretty Crafty Stickers ♥

Hello ladies,

im back today with another etsy spotlight on a shop called pretty crafty stickers.

im going to do my DISCLAIMER here because before i can jump into the actual post i normal say why i choose these stickers - well i was sent them for this purpose, that doesn't mean i like them anymore than the ones i brought myself or that im going to continue to get freebies from this shop, it just means i was sent them and this is my honest opinion. 

and now that is out of the way i can go on to the stickers i was sent are:self check // ladies night // money bags // gas pumps // asterisks

The design on these stickers are amazing, there a semi gloss id say, not matte but not overly glossy.. the colours of the stickers are very vibrant and for the amount you pay you get alot on the sheet (around 2-4pounds per sheet) and she also offers a deluxe pack of between 30 and 70 sheets from as little as £27.41 to as much as £52.66 which i really want to buy.

The self check stickers are so unique, ive not saw them on anyones shop apart from paulas which is a big thumbs up from me since its something all ladies should be doing!

price: the price reflects well from the quality and the amount you get, it might be a little more than the other sets of stickers ive brought but honestly id pay it willingly - watch out boxing day! im coming for ya - and since im not spending money on stickers until boxing day im excited to see what she comes out with!

paper: the paper feels of high standard, really easy to peal from the backing and the kiss cut is the best ive seen so far! 

finish: on the page it says the sticker finish is matte, from seeing other matte stickers and printing my own on matte paper i can say its not fully matte. its a beautiful finish.

postage cost: the postage cost is around 79p and then 50p every other sheet.. which i just found out by adding 9 sheets to my shopping cart!

postage time: postage did take a few days from the time she said she sent them but in the shops defence its from dublin! and it only took 4 days and i know ive had things take longer from london.
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