Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Planner Love: 30th - 6th♥

Hey loves, 

im back with this week's planner - the countdown to christmas has begun! christmas is my favourite time of year without a dout, i know i moan about the cold but honestly its the best time of year for me im a full on winter girl.. i was born in the winter and i love the cosy clothes!

anyway.. back to my planner! ofcourse i add things after i post this so your seeing the planner at the beginning.

i need to add my christmas quote in the corner which im still yet to print (it should be there by the time this goes up)

things on my page:

washi tapes: ALL from ebay 
banner on sidebar: mswendafuldesigns printable
snail mail sticker: mundane mummy sampler (i need more of these)
weather stickers: ebay
blog stickers: printable from lemon paper co. 
birthday banners:  the plump planner
christmas countdown stickers: cute daisy printable
house stickers: printable by me
nail stickers: printable by me
quarter boxes: printable by me 
washing machine : plump planner 
banner on wednesday - ms wendafuldesigns printable (smaller than one on side bar) 
weekend banner: printable from facebook 
makeup brushes: mundane mummy 
tv: printable from facebook
pamper face: plannabledesigns 
heart check list: candy pink designs 
bill due sticker:kitti k printables 
laptop : plump planner 
notebook - mundane mummy
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