Friday, 27 November 2015

Planner Love: 23rd - 29th ♥

Hello my loves, 

todays post is this weeks planner set up before everything was filled in.. im not going to lie the next one of these you see will be a little different, mainly because i dont use all the to do boxes and it just looks a little busy and cluttered so im hoping i can change it up in a way that i like. 

Stickers are from: 
top corner sticker - printed from pintrest 
weather stickers - ebay
todo boxes - printable from the happy planner printable group on facebook
spray bottle - the plump planner
cutlery sticker - the plump planner
weekend banner - pookie paper co 
piggie bank sticker - the plump planner 
coffee cup - pookie paper co 
washing machine - the plump planner
the black half box - printable from we love e.c.
blue half box - pookie paper co
blogger stickers - the plump planner (requested) 
t-shirt - chad valley sticker book set
hot water bottle - the plump planner 
light decoration - pookie paper co 
recycle sticker - the plump planner 
qoute stickers - printed from pinterest
tv stickers - mundane mummy 
bath tub - the plump planner
little camera - its only me caralee
lipstick girls night out - pretty crafty stickers 
cocktail glass - candy pink designs 
big camera - the plump planner 

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