Friday, 31 July 2015

miss sporty fabulous eyes - peanut butter ♥

hello loves, 

we all know most days i dont pay attention to my eye make up bar a few coats of mascara and a bit of eyeliner on my water line, but since im off work for the foreseeable future ive decided to bite the bullet and do it once or twice a week. 

I picked this up on a whim i loved the name peanut butter.. it happens alot with me im trying not to get things for the name but lets face it i cant help it, fun fact most people have peanut butter on toast but i can only eat it on a sandwich with chocolate spread.. anywhoo the lid is a pill of dudu! if you look closely its already cracked because if u push to hard it breaks and drys up, if u dont push it on enough it drys up its a cant win situation and seems to happen with most eyeshadow pencils

the colour is this beautiful copper bronze brown colour depending on which light its under, there not overly creamy to begin with but honestly its easier to blend that stuff twice the price! this was around £2.50 and there are other shades im willing to pick up, i have used this alone and under shadow and either way it wears well with no creasing! score right?.. in boots miss sporty often have sales or promos/offers on so get them while its going good for savings.. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

whats in my pencil case ♥

Hey loves, 


so i have a pencil case which i keep on hand, if thats in my bag or on my desk when i need it its only small and im thinking about buying a different one but for the moment this is it. i got it from aliexpress for 1.50 i think but you'll see it in a haul soon.. 

inside i have a set of 8 uni-ball fanthom pens in all different colours and 2 frixion black pens.. erasable pens are my favorite!
i also have this set of pink/coral page flags because i use these alot and i switch them out often.

Monday, 27 July 2015

loreal infallible 24hr matte foundation - vanilla ♥

Hey loves, 

Today is a foundation post, who knew that ive been buying this many foundations?

The packaging is pretty good compared to most squeeze tubes, and the bit it comes out of is that thin you can determine how much you will need, on the back it says what the product is - matte, high coverage, ect. In my opinion alot of companies need to take notes and learn from this because its so easy these days to go in looking for a dew and come out with a matte if you haven't done your research first.

This is something special though - a non cakey, long lasting, matte but not flat foundation theres not many foundations i can say that about, if its matte its flat, if its long lasting its high coverage and drying, if its cakey is high coverage and hard to blend but this is easy to blend, last atleast a good 13 hours, its matte enough to last but not matte that you look half dead.  

i cant see it working on really dry skin but i know a few people with dry skin that has tried and loved it, i honestly think its more to do with the prep you do before it.. i prefer a dewy look personally so i use a radiant primer a matte foundation and then highlight but i cant complain since id say this was a satin matte rather than fully matte -  have you tried this foundation? what did you think? 

Friday, 24 July 2015

planner: week 20th - 26th july ♥

hello loves,

ive changed my planner again.. yup it happened again but im so happy with it and how im using this and my dokibook in union together its crazy.. say hello to my pretty happy planner!

this week ive gone pretty bare since i like to fill in as i go along aswell, the hearts are from a set on aliexpress, the lady bugs & the menu one & the strawberry, thumbs up signs and the little things indicating i have appointments are from the argos chad valley sticker books, the little book is from a emoji set of ebay! the rest i printed and cut, the water tracker is from its a free printable! the little telly if from plannabledesigns on etsy!

the pokadot washi is from aliexpress, the true love washi is from my planner buddy.. would you be intrested in seeing posts on what i receive and what i send?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

face of the day/fotd ♥

Hey loves,

today is a face of the day i done about a month ago and forgot to post it, ive been doing this look alot lately but decided to use this photo.


rimmel lasting perfection foundation - 103 true ivory
natural collection loose powder
nyc sunny bronzer
fashionista blusher - new york
seventeen brow pencil - natural brown
famous double your chances mascara
nivea lip butter

i have since done alot of changes including the room, i no longer live in this house! i think this was a week before i moved out.. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

notd/nails - sally hansen - pedal to the medal ♥

so today my nails are this beautiful metallic blue-y, purple-y silver! i love a sally hansen complete mani polish but i have to admit i wasnt keen when i received this but i love it! 

Friday, 17 July 2015

revlon colorstay moisture stain - india ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im reviewing a revlon moisture stain which is another thing that had mixed reviews and i have to say i have a love and hate relationship with this product mainly the later if im being a 100% honest which ofcourse i always am with my reviews.

I like the packaging the shapes lovely, i like how it shows the product, i like the twist on it you know how some items have that twist which you can never ever get to match up again? well i find this matches every single time! the applicator is nice but nothing to scream about. 

The product is one that needs to be warmed up before to get the perfect application or it gets bitty, its a odd texture and that is what i don't enjoy it smudges like a bitch but with it being a "moisture" stain that's expected since it doesn't set, i wouldn't say its a stain at all once its gone its gone theres no stain on my lips or nothing, to me it's a glorified liquid lipstick and theres so many out there bringing liquid lipsticks out that Revlon thought oh put stain on it, but it does stain my skin just not my lips so if it bleeds I'm in big trouble.. NOT CUTE!

Monday, 13 July 2015

w7 extra, extra big bold lashes mascara ♥

Hey loves,

Today im reviewing a mascara that i brought along with another one from the same brand, i honestly thought id love this one more but it turned out i was wrong, the brush is huge even though it doesnt look like it in the picture so i get it everywhere which isnt a good look when im in a rush, the mascara it self is nice when taking the time to apply it but it runs like a mofo, it rubs at a gentle nudge it give a bit of volume and lengthens a bit too but i cant say that out runs the cons of it all. id never repurchase this mainly because i dont like it but also because i have alot more on my list to try. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

MUA lipstick - tulips ♥

Hey loves,

this has become my favourite lipstick, its a lovely dusky pink and its wearable and im able to pull it of nicely without having to apply every few minutes. the wear time isnt fabulous on this shade but it does wear well. the swatch below shows a glossy finish but its more of a satin, creamy and easy to apply is always a winner.

Monday, 6 July 2015

fav summer drinks ♥

Hey loves, 

with the sun being out in full power in the last 2weeks im going to show you what ive been drinking or what i would drink normally..

caramel frappuccino, iced coffee is my best friend right now, i love the one from maccies which
i get when im just walking past but starbucks is cult! 

volvic flavoured water.. im not going to lie, strawberry, summer fruit, orange and peach and blackcurrent are my favs but i can put away 2 big bottles a day if there ice cold, i have a massive water issue which im trying to get under control but its just not happening.. 
strawberry milkshake.. doesnt have to be yazoo there was a stall on holiday that made the milkshake from scratch and it was to die for!

im not drinking atm, but my fav alcoholic drink is a sex on the beach cocktail, theres also the tequila sunrise but it looks the same so no point me putting up a pic of that too.. 

so here are my favs, im giving up fizzy drinks atm so its all still drinks for me!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sleek i-devine eyeshadow palette - au natural ♥

Hey loves,

I've been tempted by so many sleek palettes over the last few months but as ive said in previous sleek posts i was always put of by the hype surrounding them but my mother (love her) started buying me them as a stocking filler for christmas a few years back, there was 4 on my list that i really wanted one of them being au natural. 
i really like the massive mirror so if i go somewhere and take this i dont need a extra mirror since i can do my whole makeup in this mirror!
top row: nougat, nubuck, cappuccino, honey comb, toast, taupe
bottom row: conker, moss, bark, mineral earth, regal, noir 
8 matte and 4 shimmer shades all in neutral tones. As you can see all the shades have excellent pigmentation and a dream of texture, they blend effortlessly sadly there is fall out with every shade but nothing to scream about in the morning, i always do my foundation first so i dont have a issue with the whole black under eyes when using noir, there is some shades that arent so fabulous e.g. bark, nougat, nubuck.. To me this is the perfect palette for day to day use aswell as smoking it up for a bit of evening fun..