Monday, 27 July 2015

loreal infallible 24hr matte foundation - vanilla ♥

Hey loves, 

Today is a foundation post, who knew that ive been buying this many foundations?

The packaging is pretty good compared to most squeeze tubes, and the bit it comes out of is that thin you can determine how much you will need, on the back it says what the product is - matte, high coverage, ect. In my opinion alot of companies need to take notes and learn from this because its so easy these days to go in looking for a dew and come out with a matte if you haven't done your research first.

This is something special though - a non cakey, long lasting, matte but not flat foundation theres not many foundations i can say that about, if its matte its flat, if its long lasting its high coverage and drying, if its cakey is high coverage and hard to blend but this is easy to blend, last atleast a good 13 hours, its matte enough to last but not matte that you look half dead.  

i cant see it working on really dry skin but i know a few people with dry skin that has tried and loved it, i honestly think its more to do with the prep you do before it.. i prefer a dewy look personally so i use a radiant primer a matte foundation and then highlight but i cant complain since id say this was a satin matte rather than fully matte -  have you tried this foundation? what did you think? 


  1. I've heard such good things about this but haven't tried it yet - definitely one to add to the wishlist :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. not going to lie its one of my favs atm.. i didnt want to pay the price in boots so i got it of ebay for half price xx


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