Friday, 31 July 2015

miss sporty fabulous eyes - peanut butter ♥

hello loves, 

we all know most days i dont pay attention to my eye make up bar a few coats of mascara and a bit of eyeliner on my water line, but since im off work for the foreseeable future ive decided to bite the bullet and do it once or twice a week. 

I picked this up on a whim i loved the name peanut butter.. it happens alot with me im trying not to get things for the name but lets face it i cant help it, fun fact most people have peanut butter on toast but i can only eat it on a sandwich with chocolate spread.. anywhoo the lid is a pill of dudu! if you look closely its already cracked because if u push to hard it breaks and drys up, if u dont push it on enough it drys up its a cant win situation and seems to happen with most eyeshadow pencils

the colour is this beautiful copper bronze brown colour depending on which light its under, there not overly creamy to begin with but honestly its easier to blend that stuff twice the price! this was around £2.50 and there are other shades im willing to pick up, i have used this alone and under shadow and either way it wears well with no creasing! score right?.. in boots miss sporty often have sales or promos/offers on so get them while its going good for savings.. 

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