Monday, 3 August 2015

collection gorgeous glow - blush block ♥

Well, Hello loves,

its been an eventful few months with me moving and what not and the last week has been one big event from the beginning but it is sunday 2nd and im getting back on the ol' blog business with a few tweaks coming soon.

i brought this about 2 months ago and was super excited to try it.. i actually wanted to buy both but my boots didnt stock the gold one (odd!) the packaging is super cute and i like that i can see through the lid, i guess it can be easy to break but i haven't had any issues yet.. 

when all mixed together it gives a pretty peachy-pink sheen to the cheeks with a gold shimmer. it can be pretty heavy on the glitter if your not using a stippling brush.. i use a small elf one which i now wish i stocked up on. its hard to catch on camera the true prettiness of it but i thought i did pretty good on catching the gold?..

have you tried these? what do you think?

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