Wednesday, 19 August 2015

look beauty primers ♥

Hey loves,

while i was looking on eBay for some face primers that brighten i found the look beauty perk me up primer that i couldn't resist but buying, but when i did the company sent me out the colour correct one instead so i contacted them expecting them to say "oh well return that one and we will send out the right one" instead they said they will send out the right one and i can keep the other as a gift as it was there mistake, lovely right?.. 

the bottles are pretty much identical apart from one is pink inside and the other is green, the packaging is pretty and i have taken a liking to the pump style primers because of this. 

lets start with the one i dislike - colour correct, now don't get me wrong i have alot of redness but this is too much green for one person. even after i put on my foundation i can still see a slight green tinge (not a cute look) i cant say that it makes my foundation last longer or that it makes it easier to apply because in all honesty i haven't saw enough of a difference to judge on them.

now onto the star of the show.. perk me up does exactly as it says on the tin, it makes my skin look healthier, glowier, and over all better. I'm a combo girl as I've said and i prefer more a lasting dewy look so things like this work wonders for me. I've used this is so many different ways that I'm surprised theres as much left as there is. I've mixed it in with my foundation, applied it all over my face as well as used it as a liquid highlighter. it just gives me that naturally radiant look every girl dreams off!

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