Friday, 28 August 2015

planner haul ♥

Hey girls, 

So i have another planner haul that i promised!

3 sets of stickers from aliexpress
5 glitter washi tapes from aliexpress

8 uniball fanthom pens

a small pencil case from aliexpress

from the 99pstore
from the 99pstore
from the 99p store
from wilkos
from wilko
from wilko
from ebay
all from aliexpress
plannable designs on etsy
the plump planner on etsy
the stickers are from the 99pstore, the file folders and washi tape
and the sticky notebook with flowers and mirrors and mechanical
pencils and rubbers are from wilko the gold and white note book is from home
this is from scrobby and will be my main planner for a while
(i hope)

1 comment:

  1. Love the notepad and I find wilko really great to buy school/work/college stuff the pencil case is so cute


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