Friday, 29 August 2014

Plus Size OOTD ♥


jacket - simply be
skater dress - ebay
leggings - littlewoods
belt - simply be
shoes - primark

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

rimmel glameyes eyeshadow quad - urban flower ♥

this has got to be my most used quad in my collection, it just screams use me when i open my eyeshadow drawer. this is the only eyeshadow i took when i went away for the weekend, and i didnt need nothing more. it has a lid colour a crease colour, a definer colour and a pop a colour which i used under my lower lash line, the pigmentation isnt the best but you will get that in any quad, singles always have better pigment. and the formula is a little powdery but apart from that its amazing. i got this from poundland so i cant really complain. i believe these are around the £5-6 pound mark in boots. but you can pick these up on fragrancedirect for all of £2.25 here i know theres a few that i want to pick up in my next order.

Monday, 25 August 2014

maybelline color vivids lipstick - fuchsia flash ♥

now im sure we all know by now this isnt a run of the mill review, its a lipstick review meaning its close to my heart! specially since its bright. you all know how i love my bright lips. since i am ever so pale (practically translucent!) i just think they suit me alot better than nude lips. 

these lipsticks are so creamy without the glitter! thankfully. they do leave a glossy finish which is not such a bad thing since it means i can scrap the gloss. we all know how i feel about some glosses! the best thing about this lipstick is that it slowly fades and leaves a lovely stain which makes it hard to notice that its faded. 

i do believe i will be picking a few more up as and when they appear in more shades! the formula is amazing and has got to be one of my most worn - ohh did i mention that this is a dupe for mac's candy yumyum? at half the price! the shade is practically neon - love!

Friday, 22 August 2014

natural collection moisture shine lipstick - raspberry ♥

this is one of the lipsticks that i popped into boots to pick up when they had a 3 for 2 on and i wanted to get the blushes! im really into my deeper/brighter bold pinks and would rather experiment with lipsticks than eyeshadows that being said im getting into my shadows right now but thats a whole different subject for a whole different post! 

bottom line this shade is right up my ally and one you would see me where alot around christmas time! there is no smell to these well - not that i can tell anyway, the packaging isnt all that but for me i can scrip on the packaging if the product is lovely! and it is. people say that they've experienced the bullets snapping on them, i haven't at all but maybe they have just melted a little but in store and need to be called off in the fridge? i have no idea! mine seem fine. the shade will last around 3hrs on me which isnt bad going for a £1.99 liptick really. they are mosturising and shine-y as the name would suggest and they dont have tones of glitter in! 

swatch!! ohh look how pale in am!.. thank you for reading 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

fotd #2

items used: 

w7 prime magic camera ready face primer*
collection lasting perfection concealer - 1 fair
miss sporty so matte perfect stay 14hour foundation -002 light
seventeen staytime concealer - extra fair*
natural collection loose powder 
bourjois delice de poudre bronzing powder (chocolate bronzer)
sleek face contour kit in light
natural collection blushes cheeks - dusky pink 
elf makeup mist & set 
seventeen brow sculpting pencil - natural brown 
natural collection lash care mascara - clear (brows)
miners maxi mascara - black*
beautyuk glacier gloss - mo.4 i like to mauve it mauve it*

new hair.. what do you all think?!

Monday, 18 August 2014

whats in my makeup bag | 2014

Today im going to show you what is in my makeup bag! this changes all the time so its basically what i used the last time i did my make up! 

hope you enjoy x 

Friday, 15 August 2014

natural collection moisture shine lipstick - sweet pea ♥

back to my addiction - you know lipsticks are my downfall. Today is this one from natural collection, now WE ALL know how i love my bright lipsticks right? well this is just a mid tone pink that can class up any look, but saying that this was one of them "OH i need one more free item" kinda things. what happened was i went in thinking oh ill get the 4 natural collection blushes and maybe 2 lipsticks since it was on 3 for 2 but they only had 3 of the blushes and ended up picking up this instead of the blush! 

The colour is stunning and totally appropriate for summer if your not into your bright lips, and its the kinda colour i find myself edging towards lately, i actually really like the formula, its not drying like alot of cheap lipsticks and it lasts a decent amount of time for a moisturising lipstick say 2-3 hours with me gabbing away. It also gives the right amount of shine since I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss. the only bugbear i have is the packaging, to me it just looks like them toy lipsticks you used to get in the dressing up kits when you was younger! and for £1.99 you'll expect it to be a little better, specially if we're comparing this to the likes of mua and makeup revolution whose lipsticks are just a pound and the packaging is a lot nicer.. NOT IMPRESSED WITH THAT but i do like the lipstick its self so i can cope with the packaging. the swatch below doesn't do it justice really but it is really pretty and for £1.99 its not all bad, and i have my eye on a few more shades. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

blogging on a budget ♥

Being a student i know what its like to have to budget, and sometimes it can be difficult to budget to be able to afford the stuff you want so I'm going to to tell you how i do it and i hope it helps a few of you! 

set a realistic budget! - don't say your only going to spend £5 a month on makeup because your setting yourself up to fail specially if your looking at the likes of Rimmel, Revlon and maybelline - my budget is £10 a week! don't get me wrong i don't always spend £40 a month on makeup but it does help having a budget i can stick with in! and if i do have a little bit extra left over before i get paid again i will buy something that i really want.

look on discounted websites - their are websites that sell makeup for a very inexpensive price, for such websites check out - fragrance direct, cosmetics fairy etc, etc. google is your friend. 

sales!! - we all love a good sale, and I'm always on the look out for the 3 for 2 in boots and superdrug. boots is my drug! because the points soon stack up and you can treat yourself to something you really want from them, also download the boots app on to your smart phone to check out your offers! and then just download them to your points card and spend! so simple and a real good way. - i only buy my foundations that i want to try in the 3 for 2 so that I'm only spending so much! and i get one free, i also always try and buy something that i want that's equally the same price as the items I'm buying! 

blog your stash! - if your anything like me you have so many products that you can blog about which you have forgotten about, well after Christmas i pulled out everything and reviewed most of it! I'm only just coming to the end of it if I'm honest, i really like knowing what I'm blogging 2 months before i blog about it! 

have a schedule - this doesn't mean you have to be like me and blog a month in advance even if it is amazing! just sent days you want to blog - mine are Monday, Wednesday & Friday! and maybe a post on a Sunday if i have the time, this way if I'm blogging a month a head or the week a head i know when its going up and i don't need to panic! 

you don't need to just do reviews - i know i know, this coming from a girl that does so many reviews! but its just because i had so many items that i could review don't get me wrong i have loads of reviews planned but i trying to do a post that isn't a review each month and hopefully that will become one a week. 

and last but not least - don't worry about money! - when it comes to blogging i know its easy to get wrapped up in the "i need this from mac, and i need this from Chanel" I've been there but what i realised quite fast is that if everyone is reviewing the high end stuff who is looking out for the drugstore raiders? don't get me wrong i have a few items from urban decay and mac but drugstore has my heart! and some of my favourite bloggers are budget friendly.

money does not make your blog good! you do

Monday, 11 August 2014

natural collection blushed cheeks blusher - pink cloud ♥

this blush is so out of my comfort zone, but really pretty, in all honesty the only reason i picked this up was it was 3 for 2 and i was buying the other 2 blushes from the collection and decided i may as well get this one for free! pretty simular to what i do with the lipsticks to! 

anyway, the formula of this blush is to die for! litterly.. so creamy yet its a powder. I do think the colour is stunning but its just not me and it kinda makes me look really pale? that doesnt make sense becuase - well its a blusher but it does nothing to my make up, it would be perfect for a dramatic eye look but i rarely have them! it blends amazingly into my skin, it can be a little powdery but so can alot of powdered blushes. 

for the price id recommend any of the shades but this one is just a little to light for me  

Friday, 8 August 2014

maybelline color vivid lipstick - vivid rose ♥

as you know by now i love me a good lipstick, i also love me a good pink lipstick - this ticks both of them boxes! its a beautiful pop of colour and will make you stand out in a crowd, well lets face it noone could ever say you was boring with this on your lips can they? 

this was the first shade i picked up from the line and im so glad i did! my sister was telling me i couldnt pull it off but i simply use it with a bit of mascara. and bronzer - no blush! maybe a bit of a highlighter. 

it is soo pigmented you really only need one swipe to get it to its full colour, amazing right? as a lipstick junkie ofcourse i have a few bright pinks but this has to be in my top 10 and for the price which i believe is around 4 pounds you really can't complain..

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

mua sheerfinish lipgloss - just incase ♥

well, well, well,  did you like my post on monday? if you haven't saw it yet - its just below this one!! 

today is a little review on this lipgloss i have done one before in february (here) but today is a bit of a brighter shade, its like a pink rose kinda colour - simply stunning for this time of year! (its summer in the uk - i say summer but we don't really have one!) again same as the other shade it smells like calpol, who doesn't love that? not sticky in the slightest, bonus its only a POUND!! it just glides on beautiful and stays. It does get sticky after a hour but then i would just reapply or take it off if i haven't got anything else to do that day. but for the money its worth it!

Monday, 4 August 2014

fotd #1

items used in order: 

*w7 prime magic camera ready face primer
l'oreal infallible stay fresh foundation - vanilla
covergirl & olay simply ageless corrector - 230
elf makeup mist and set 
rimmel brow pencil - blonde
natural collection loose powder - neutral translucent (concealer & eyelids)
natural collection single eyeshadow - milk chocolate
urban decay naked basics - walk of shame.
mua extreme metallics eye quad - starstruck
collection eyeshadow pencil - vanilla sky
avon supershock eyeliner pencil - black
maybelline big eyes waterproof mascara - blackest black 
seenteen miracle matte pressed powder - natural fair
nyc sun'n'bronze bronzing powder - montauk bronze 
nyc smooth skin bronzing face powder - sunny 
chitchat blusher - dessert flower
mua power pout - rendezvous
mua matte lipstick - fancy fawn
nyx round lipstick - pure nude 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Shop missA wishlist ♥

miss A is a online accessory shop which sells everything from makeup to jewellery to sunglasses. ive come across it a few times but theres always that one thing stopping me from making a order - its in the USA - i think the usa have the best costume jewelry going so today im going to show you a few items id pick up myself - ohh and did i mention that everything is $1??

same earring different colours. arent these stunning?

your going to see a theme. i love hooped earrings. these are stunning

  Magic Stars 2 Pair Earrings Delicate Love Ear Cuff  "Live Love Dream" Linear Earrings Heart Bracelet  Sideways Crystal Cross Bracelet Turquoise LOVE Bracelet Love Pendant Hand Chain Bracelet Large Pearl Cross Bracelet

as you can see im a bracelet and earring kinda girl. i could keep going and going but im going to stop now - is amazing!