Monday, 11 August 2014

natural collection blushed cheeks blusher - pink cloud ♥

this blush is so out of my comfort zone, but really pretty, in all honesty the only reason i picked this up was it was 3 for 2 and i was buying the other 2 blushes from the collection and decided i may as well get this one for free! pretty simular to what i do with the lipsticks to! 

anyway, the formula of this blush is to die for! litterly.. so creamy yet its a powder. I do think the colour is stunning but its just not me and it kinda makes me look really pale? that doesnt make sense becuase - well its a blusher but it does nothing to my make up, it would be perfect for a dramatic eye look but i rarely have them! it blends amazingly into my skin, it can be a little powdery but so can alot of powdered blushes. 

for the price id recommend any of the shades but this one is just a little to light for me  

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