Wednesday, 27 August 2014

rimmel glameyes eyeshadow quad - urban flower ♥

this has got to be my most used quad in my collection, it just screams use me when i open my eyeshadow drawer. this is the only eyeshadow i took when i went away for the weekend, and i didnt need nothing more. it has a lid colour a crease colour, a definer colour and a pop a colour which i used under my lower lash line, the pigmentation isnt the best but you will get that in any quad, singles always have better pigment. and the formula is a little powdery but apart from that its amazing. i got this from poundland so i cant really complain. i believe these are around the £5-6 pound mark in boots. but you can pick these up on fragrancedirect for all of £2.25 here i know theres a few that i want to pick up in my next order.

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