Wednesday, 13 August 2014

blogging on a budget ♥

Being a student i know what its like to have to budget, and sometimes it can be difficult to budget to be able to afford the stuff you want so I'm going to to tell you how i do it and i hope it helps a few of you! 

set a realistic budget! - don't say your only going to spend £5 a month on makeup because your setting yourself up to fail specially if your looking at the likes of Rimmel, Revlon and maybelline - my budget is £10 a week! don't get me wrong i don't always spend £40 a month on makeup but it does help having a budget i can stick with in! and if i do have a little bit extra left over before i get paid again i will buy something that i really want.

look on discounted websites - their are websites that sell makeup for a very inexpensive price, for such websites check out - fragrance direct, cosmetics fairy etc, etc. google is your friend. 

sales!! - we all love a good sale, and I'm always on the look out for the 3 for 2 in boots and superdrug. boots is my drug! because the points soon stack up and you can treat yourself to something you really want from them, also download the boots app on to your smart phone to check out your offers! and then just download them to your points card and spend! so simple and a real good way. - i only buy my foundations that i want to try in the 3 for 2 so that I'm only spending so much! and i get one free, i also always try and buy something that i want that's equally the same price as the items I'm buying! 

blog your stash! - if your anything like me you have so many products that you can blog about which you have forgotten about, well after Christmas i pulled out everything and reviewed most of it! I'm only just coming to the end of it if I'm honest, i really like knowing what I'm blogging 2 months before i blog about it! 

have a schedule - this doesn't mean you have to be like me and blog a month in advance even if it is amazing! just sent days you want to blog - mine are Monday, Wednesday & Friday! and maybe a post on a Sunday if i have the time, this way if I'm blogging a month a head or the week a head i know when its going up and i don't need to panic! 

you don't need to just do reviews - i know i know, this coming from a girl that does so many reviews! but its just because i had so many items that i could review don't get me wrong i have loads of reviews planned but i trying to do a post that isn't a review each month and hopefully that will become one a week. 

and last but not least - don't worry about money! - when it comes to blogging i know its easy to get wrapped up in the "i need this from mac, and i need this from Chanel" I've been there but what i realised quite fast is that if everyone is reviewing the high end stuff who is looking out for the drugstore raiders? don't get me wrong i have a few items from urban decay and mac but drugstore has my heart! and some of my favourite bloggers are budget friendly.

money does not make your blog good! you do

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