Wednesday, 6 August 2014

mua sheerfinish lipgloss - just incase ♥

well, well, well,  did you like my post on monday? if you haven't saw it yet - its just below this one!! 

today is a little review on this lipgloss i have done one before in february (here) but today is a bit of a brighter shade, its like a pink rose kinda colour - simply stunning for this time of year! (its summer in the uk - i say summer but we don't really have one!) again same as the other shade it smells like calpol, who doesn't love that? not sticky in the slightest, bonus its only a POUND!! it just glides on beautiful and stays. It does get sticky after a hour but then i would just reapply or take it off if i haven't got anything else to do that day. but for the money its worth it!

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