Friday, 15 August 2014

natural collection moisture shine lipstick - sweet pea ♥

back to my addiction - you know lipsticks are my downfall. Today is this one from natural collection, now WE ALL know how i love my bright lipsticks right? well this is just a mid tone pink that can class up any look, but saying that this was one of them "OH i need one more free item" kinda things. what happened was i went in thinking oh ill get the 4 natural collection blushes and maybe 2 lipsticks since it was on 3 for 2 but they only had 3 of the blushes and ended up picking up this instead of the blush! 

The colour is stunning and totally appropriate for summer if your not into your bright lips, and its the kinda colour i find myself edging towards lately, i actually really like the formula, its not drying like alot of cheap lipsticks and it lasts a decent amount of time for a moisturising lipstick say 2-3 hours with me gabbing away. It also gives the right amount of shine since I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss. the only bugbear i have is the packaging, to me it just looks like them toy lipsticks you used to get in the dressing up kits when you was younger! and for £1.99 you'll expect it to be a little better, specially if we're comparing this to the likes of mua and makeup revolution whose lipsticks are just a pound and the packaging is a lot nicer.. NOT IMPRESSED WITH THAT but i do like the lipstick its self so i can cope with the packaging. the swatch below doesn't do it justice really but it is really pretty and for £1.99 its not all bad, and i have my eye on a few more shades. 

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