Friday, 27 November 2015

Planner Love: 23rd - 29th ♥

Hello my loves, 

todays post is this weeks planner set up before everything was filled in.. im not going to lie the next one of these you see will be a little different, mainly because i dont use all the to do boxes and it just looks a little busy and cluttered so im hoping i can change it up in a way that i like. 

Stickers are from: 
top corner sticker - printed from pintrest 
weather stickers - ebay
todo boxes - printable from the happy planner printable group on facebook
spray bottle - the plump planner
cutlery sticker - the plump planner
weekend banner - pookie paper co 
piggie bank sticker - the plump planner 
coffee cup - pookie paper co 
washing machine - the plump planner
the black half box - printable from we love e.c.
blue half box - pookie paper co
blogger stickers - the plump planner (requested) 
t-shirt - chad valley sticker book set
hot water bottle - the plump planner 
light decoration - pookie paper co 
recycle sticker - the plump planner 
qoute stickers - printed from pinterest
tv stickers - mundane mummy 
bath tub - the plump planner
little camera - its only me caralee
lipstick girls night out - pretty crafty stickers 
cocktail glass - candy pink designs 
big camera - the plump planner 

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Its Only Me Caralee ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im back with another etsy spotlight! its become an addiction lately and i will willingly sit there and look at all the pretties that people make! 

Today involves a cute little shop called "its only me caralee."

They are amazing quality since they all cost between £1 and £3, she does a majority of sets rather than individual stickers but she is expanding on that.  the minnie set is the cutest thing ive seen i love minnie and mickey mouse so ofcourse i needed to get it! the cameras help me mark when i need to take a picture on sundays of my final week. 

price: for the quality you cant beat the price at all. the amount you get for that price too is simply amazing. 

paper: the paper feels of high standard, easy to peel from the backing and the cut is amazing.. 

finish: the finish of the stickers are matte. which i like but i think the cameras would look lovely on a satin finish paper. 

postage cost: the postage cost the big massive amount of 99p! i know what your thinking.. could she get anymore sarcastic but honestly theres no many places that ship for standard 99p! 

postage time: postage did take 5 days after it was sent out. but thats royal mail for you i cant blame the shop for that. It took 2/3days after i brought the items to be shipped out! which since i brought them on the weekend i can forgive and forget - the shop is a ready to ship shop i believe (i could be so wrong about that) 

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Tracey's TV #1 ♥

Hey loves, 

Ive never done a post like this before but lets face it, everyone watches netflix in the evenings (well at least i do!) theres nothing better than snuggling down with a hot chocolate in a candle lite room watching tv with cosy pyjamas on and the heating on full.. am i right?

lately ive been switching between netflix and nowtv - my momma'bear got me a nowtv box last christmas and ive been using my blu ray 3D DVD player to watch netflix. Nowtv and Netflix are more or less the same thing apart from the fact nowtv has packages - movie package £9.99, entertainment package £6.99 and sports package £31.99 the prices is per month, netflix on the other hand is is the whole thing from £5.99 onwards depending on how many tvs you want to stream it on. Netflix you hear alot about but nowtv is not so well known (well atleast from what i hear anyway) i only buy the entertainment package from nowtv because there's things on it that is not on netflix. 

my Netflix list is:


pretty little liars // once upon a time // gossip girl
my Nowtv list is:

These are the 6 programs that i am currently flicking back and forth from - not including "new eps" from the shows which come on the day there released which i show in my planner!

what are you currently watching?
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Etsy spotlight: Pookie Paper Co ♥

Hello my loves, 

i know i know, i said i was back to blogging and yet i disappeared again not a week later, theres not alot i can say in my defence but i got really sick and by monday rolled around i was so ill i could hardly talk and then by wednesday my voice was gone.  day and night nurse was my savior! they both knocked me out even though the day nurse said none drowsy? anyway.. back to business! 

Today is the start of a new series that ive had in the making for a few months, well i had it in my mind anyway. Ive saw a ton of girls do this on youtube but the difference is this one is ONLY uk! there will be no international shops! which im sure you all are seeing as mean but think about it, all these lovely ladies in the uk are going out of there way to do this any we would rather spend a small fortune on postage getting them from the USA because we dont hear alot about them? well no more! 

Friday, 6 November 2015

notw #1 ♥

Hey loves, 

today im back to show you the nails ive been sporting for the last week! they are 
nyc in a minute nail polish - battery park purple

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

planner week: 2nd to 8th ♥

Hey loves, 

today im back with my planner weekly spread. im really really enjoying the layout of this planner, but the issue i had was that as i was taking out the months the bigger rings got flimsy and i didnt feel like it was secure enough to take around with me. that being said me and my big ideas dont do smaller rings than this so i searched the internet and found some lovely coloured ones for 5.99 but postage from america took it to nearly £20 and that wasnt going to happen since i could buy a whole new planner for something close to that, i had to pop to the shops and i nipped into wilkos and they had a discbound display book for £2 so i got that but when i got to the till it rang up for 99p?! i just used the discs and hey presto i love my secure planner!

this week i done a owl theme.. honestly it was done before we choose to have a harry potter night i promise! 


the water tracker: printable from
letters: argos chad valley sticker books
weather stickers: teacher rewards from ebay
owl bullet points: argos chad valley sticker books set
cleaning spray bottles: the plump planner on etsy
half boxes: printable from happy planner printables on facebook
page flag: plannable designs on etsy
nail polish bottle: minnie mouse set from aldi
letter: printed myself from google
rubbish wheelie bin: the plump planner on etsy
tv: printed myself from google
school chalkboard: the plump planner on etsy
trolley: the plump planner on etsy
iphone sticker: plannable designs on etsy
lipstick: minnie mouse set from aldi
cream tub: plannable designs on etsy
movie sticker: plannable designs on etsy
food basket: plannable designs on etsy
pill bottle: the plump planner on etsy
plan sign: printable from happy planner printables on facebook 
owl stickers: set from the 99p store

washi tape from ebay and aliexpress.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

book haul ♥

Hi loves, 

IM BACK!! i dont know for how long but its time to bring it back as part of my routine...

Today we are doing a book haul! now if you know me then you will know im a bookworm always have been, i enjoy reading and would do it everyday all day is someone was supplying the books none stop (as well as doing my house work, the cooking, etc etc) in the last few months ive picked up a fair few and have had the piling up in the corner of my "office/spare room" waiting for me to blog a haul so they can go to there new home on my book shelves. 

 mothers & daughters by kate long
sweet temptation by lucy diamond
yours, truly by kirsty greenwood
 The silversmiths wife by sophia tobin
The dark garden by eden bradley
unsticky by sarra manning

 Afternoon tea at the sunflower cafe by milly johnson
the perfect match by katie fforde

Bad angels by rebecca chance
killer heels by rebecca chance

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