Friday, 30 January 2015

w7 cosmetics ♥

hi loves, 

today i want to open your minds to a brand that most bloggers have been speaking about lately and that is w7, a inexpensive brand that has been around for years, i remember owning lipgloss from them at 14! but its only been recently that the company has blown up. the thing with this brand is you can get it really cheap and some items are fabulous quality and i think there worth the money. so im going to show you some items im lusting after and some places you can get it from, but first lets find out about the company shall we? 

About W7 (taken from the w7 website): 

W7 Make Up, the inspiration of two entrepreneurial young men from West London was created in 2002. Their aim – that every woman should have access to an extensive range of high quality cosmetics at an affordable price – is now well on the way to becoming a reality.
The company has grown year on year and now W7 boasts a collection of over 500 products including: nail polish, lipsticks and glosses, eyeshadows and more mascaras than you could dream off. 
places you can buy W7: 
you can buy w7 from fragrancedirect, some chemists, a lot of market stalls that sell makeup, and ebay is where i get alot of my w7 items from! 
items that i want and will be getting: 

to show a few! 

just to say this isnt a sponsored post, they dont know im doing this post, i just thought that my beauties would be interested in finding out that these are around! and look at them lipsticks, dont they look like the nyx ones?!?!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The balm Marylou-manizer ♥

Hi loves, 

Today i am reviewing my first items from the balm, after watching and reading review i decided to jump on the bandwagon and order it and im so glad i did. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

5 things you dont know about me ♥

Hi Loves, 

1) my middle names margaret. 
2) every thinks my favourite colour is pink because i like it but its actually tiffany blue.
3) i will buy perfume from everywhere and never use half of it just because my nan got me collecting perfume when i was young. 
4) my natural hair colour is a dark blonde naturally
5) i want to have 4 children and be able to work from home so im there when they come home from school.

Friday, 23 January 2015

L'oreal Infalible Stay Fresh Foundation - Vanilla ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im going to be reviewing a foundation that i got when it first come out, i hauled it, put it in my drawer and forgot about it - does anyone else do that? 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Monday, 19 January 2015

Makeup Gallery good to glow bronzer - matte light ♥

Hey loves, 

this is a new range that come to poundland, ive heard of makeup gallery before but correct me if im wrong but im sure its a us brand or only in a few places you would never look, i buy alot from poundland, not everything but somethings that catch my eye and i decide to give ago!, i brought all their blushes (4) and this. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

top 5 foundations ♥

Hey dolls, 

Today im starting my "top 5 series"  which will consist of my top 5 in each item (e.g. foundation, powder, concealer, ect ect) so kicking of my top 5 is foundations! 

Monday, 12 January 2015

sleek face contour kit - light ♥

Hey loves, 

Today is going to be my beloved sleek contour kit in light, i brought this about 7months ago and never really used it until around october, when i got into the whole contour and highlighter thing, but when i pulled it out i fell in love completely. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

seventeen sculpting brow pencil - natural brown ♥

Hey loves, 

Today im reviewing a brow pencil, i got into filling in my brows by using the rimmel brow pencil which i really like its actually my holy grail brow product, so when seventeen offered to let me review a number of their products i was umming and arring about picking up their brow pencil, but im glad i did! 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

filofax/planner wishlist ♥

Hey guys! 

So with christmas and new year over all thats left is my birthday and my holiday with that being said ive put myself on a none spending ban, so expect alot of wishlists. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

NYC city mono eyeshadow - luxury reborn ♥

Hey dolls,

Today i am reviewing a single eyeshadow which doesnt happen all that often, but lately ive gotten into my eyeshadows and decided to share the fabulous and the not so fabulous! Ive got a few from this range as i got the cheap of fragrancedirect for 50p each. This is one of the better ones and i will be sharing with you the ones id give a miss if i was you. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Makeup Academy & poundland haul ♥

A couple of weeks ago my debit card took a beating on the mua website, and as soon as i placed my order they brought out alot of new stuff! always the way right? so ill need to place another soon after my birthday! this is what i brought recently. 

from l-r: pouty pink, peachy keen, wild berry, totally nude.

shade 1, 11, persian rose, tulip

brush on concealer pens - light & radiance (these are terrible, there dry and crumble when i twist. the brush come off as i was twisting and there no good to use, i contact mua on twitter and they refunded me the money back for these items only)

undress your skin highlighters (both) 
matte perfect primer

luxe lip lacquers l-r: dare, kooky, criminal, aflush, funk

brow kit in fair to medium
brow define mascara in fair 
e7 eyebrow brush

both eyeshadow primers 
eyeshadows in l-r: fudge, champagne, misty rose, bronze, copper, oyster, chestnut, peony

palettes in heaven and earth, matte ever after, winter matte, hall of fame

in my poundland theres a stand (yes a stand like in boots) of makeup gallery items! it has everything and me being a blush person i picked up all 4 blushes they had 

in l-r 1 soft blush, 2 cupcake, 3 spice, 4 coral rose

and i picked up the matte bronzer in 1 matte light. 

so thats all i got this time (i say all like it was other in seconds!)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015 & 2014 Round Up ♥

First of all i just want to wish you all a very happy new year!

Today im going to do a round up of my 2014 new years resolutions and then tell you which ones im doing for 2015. 

Starting with the round up: 

  1. by the end of the year i want to buy my domain - i know it sounds silly but i really do! i know i can always change the URL but i want it as a .co.UK and for it to really be mine.   - i didnt do this for personal reasons, i ended up changing my blog url alot last year thanks to someone who should have really got the hint, so sadly i have done this! 
  2. i want to get 3 reviews up each week - i started this already and at the moment i think its going pretty well.. - this i carried on all year and im going to be carrying it on this year too! im hoping to add another day but ill see how that goes.
  3. be more organised with my blog posts - i brought a diary/planner for this so know what im reviewing on what day.. so i know what items i need to photograph.. its always with me lately! - this i done and stuck to, i became really organised with my blog until christmas week when i just got to busy to do it, i have already showed you my new planner i brought but its a odd shape so i cant carry it around so easily, so im going to use it as a journal since im into journalling and reverted back to my filofax for the time being!
  4. buy better makeup storage - i have spoken before that i wanted better storage but this year i think i will be able to do it! i hope so anyway since im running out of room.. - well, i got better storage for my 20th birthday and it was just what i wanted! i love it but sadly now its leaning to one side so i will be on the hunt for better storage but for the time being its working fine even if its a little bit full.
  5. post a round up post for my hair styles - i have hardly ever loved my hair styles on me but now im at college i will be doing it but in sept - i didnt do this since i just dont do to much hair up anymore which is a shame but it wasnt my favourite thing to do.

  1. To throw away stuff i dont use and sort out my life! my room is pack fully of stuff i really dont use all the often or i dont use at all, which i really dont need!
  2. again following on from the top one, my wardrobe is overly full, i open the doors and clothes fall out on me, theres clothes all over my walls hanging on coat hangers, draped on my chair and then theres also clothes in my dirty box FOLDED AND CLEAN! its a bit ott! but i wear the lot, so im going to be strict with myself. 
  3. this year im not going to experiment with my hair so much as i did, ive decided that im going to go back blonde for a few months to give my hair a rest and let it grow!
  4. i am not going to buy makeup until i review the stuff ive already got! because honestly im terrible and i will buy items with out reviewing what i already have. 
  5. i want to write down one thing each day what has made me happy that day, ive finally figured out what i love and what makes me happy so im going to continue on my journey with my other half and family!
and thats that! ill see you soon my girlies x