Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015 & 2014 Round Up ♥

First of all i just want to wish you all a very happy new year!

Today im going to do a round up of my 2014 new years resolutions and then tell you which ones im doing for 2015. 

Starting with the round up: 

  1. by the end of the year i want to buy my domain - i know it sounds silly but i really do! i know i can always change the URL but i want it as a .co.UK and for it to really be mine.   - i didnt do this for personal reasons, i ended up changing my blog url alot last year thanks to someone who should have really got the hint, so sadly i have done this! 
  2. i want to get 3 reviews up each week - i started this already and at the moment i think its going pretty well.. - this i carried on all year and im going to be carrying it on this year too! im hoping to add another day but ill see how that goes.
  3. be more organised with my blog posts - i brought a diary/planner for this so know what im reviewing on what day.. so i know what items i need to photograph.. its always with me lately! - this i done and stuck to, i became really organised with my blog until christmas week when i just got to busy to do it, i have already showed you my new planner i brought but its a odd shape so i cant carry it around so easily, so im going to use it as a journal since im into journalling and reverted back to my filofax for the time being!
  4. buy better makeup storage - i have spoken before that i wanted better storage but this year i think i will be able to do it! i hope so anyway since im running out of room.. - well, i got better storage for my 20th birthday and it was just what i wanted! i love it but sadly now its leaning to one side so i will be on the hunt for better storage but for the time being its working fine even if its a little bit full.
  5. post a round up post for my hair styles - i have hardly ever loved my hair styles on me but now im at college i will be doing it but in sept - i didnt do this since i just dont do to much hair up anymore which is a shame but it wasnt my favourite thing to do.

  1. To throw away stuff i dont use and sort out my life! my room is pack fully of stuff i really dont use all the often or i dont use at all, which i really dont need!
  2. again following on from the top one, my wardrobe is overly full, i open the doors and clothes fall out on me, theres clothes all over my walls hanging on coat hangers, draped on my chair and then theres also clothes in my dirty box FOLDED AND CLEAN! its a bit ott! but i wear the lot, so im going to be strict with myself. 
  3. this year im not going to experiment with my hair so much as i did, ive decided that im going to go back blonde for a few months to give my hair a rest and let it grow!
  4. i am not going to buy makeup until i review the stuff ive already got! because honestly im terrible and i will buy items with out reviewing what i already have. 
  5. i want to write down one thing each day what has made me happy that day, ive finally figured out what i love and what makes me happy so im going to continue on my journey with my other half and family!
and thats that! ill see you soon my girlies x

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