Monday, 12 January 2015

sleek face contour kit - light ♥

Hey loves, 

Today is going to be my beloved sleek contour kit in light, i brought this about 7months ago and never really used it until around october, when i got into the whole contour and highlighter thing, but when i pulled it out i fell in love completely. 

The packaging is a nice sleek black, and has a mirror which i can do my whole makeup in, its slim so can fit onto a small makeup bag easily without adding bulk. 

now i havn't done swatches because i totally forgot! and im not at home with the item as im typing (silly me ill add pictures of me wearing it) but the contour is a matte brown which is not shimmery at all and not orange in the slightest, its easy to blend and doesnt give me just a straight line when im applying it. The highlighter is fabulous, not to much chunky glitter just a beautiful sheen, ive been told to try pink tone highlights but i find they look terrible on me but this one i love! 

im wearing both in this picture and as you can see the highlight added a sheen 


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