Monday, 19 January 2015

Makeup Gallery good to glow bronzer - matte light ♥

Hey loves, 

this is a new range that come to poundland, ive heard of makeup gallery before but correct me if im wrong but im sure its a us brand or only in a few places you would never look, i buy alot from poundland, not everything but somethings that catch my eye and i decide to give ago!, i brought all their blushes (4) and this. 

the packaging is lovely and very well made! id say its better than mua, and if you find something you love from the brand then its good that its actually been brought to poundland indefinitely then isnt it? There is a few things i want to try so keep your eyes peeled for a small haul in the future (not this month im being good) 

as it will suggest it is completely matte, and pigmented (WINNING) the only issue i have is it looks a bit orange in the pan, i havent found that it transfers to the skin and i look like a umper lumper but lets face it you dont want that worry when your getting ready in the morning do you? it is nice but i may need to pick up the second shade to see how that compares! shopping lists ay? there everywhere! 

would i recommend it? if your looking for a new bronzer just to try and not worried about it being to orange then go ahead but personally its not going to be one i reach for often! but that doesnt mean ive write the brand of because i will be picking up so odds and ends when im over my spending ban. 

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