Sunday, 28 February 2016

Planner Love: 22nd - 28th ♥

Hey loves, 

date cover ups: patch and michelle.
coffee cup: wendyprintsx
full boxes & check lists: viccibplans - diva kit
wheelie bin: the plump planner
lips half box: the plump planner
to buy list: viccibplans
little book: mundane mummy
tvs: dream big and plan
to clean checklist: stickers by grace
movie markey: plannable designs 
shopping basket: annas planner bubble
lunch bag: dream big and plan
little pants line: pemberley prints
tiny flags: aj6designs
nail polish: patch and michelle
plan like a boss sticker: annas planner bubble

all shops are on etsy, i have a discount code for pemberley prints on my blog post about her store.

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Stickers by grace ♥

Hey Loves,

now this post has been a long time in the making!

full disclaimer i was sent these stickers.. they got lost in the post with me being told that when they fall of the sorting band there thrown in a bin which is later thrown away.. after me talking to about 20 people they arrived on my door step like magic! royal mail are horrid but the stickers are beautiful!

we all know im a matte girl, i love me some matte stickers but ive never really given glossy ago, didnt even want to since the pens i use are more gel like that biro and that squeaky sound they make when ur put them down gives me chills.. with that all being said these are some really nice stickers and the cleaning checklists give me life now that im working again i try and do 3 main things a week and a quick pick up daily. The to do scalloped edged headers are pretty and can be used many different ways in a side bar in the boxes, as headers the lists are endless, there a pretty classic addition to any store.. the weather stickers which i cant seem to find on her store are small and will fit in any planner which i know is a big plus for anyone who has a personal sized planner (a6) 

spring time kit - this is stunning, i love the decor sheet, now there is 3 more sheets to this kit i believe and can be bought singly or as a whole kit for £10.49. i will be doing a post on my planner when i use this kit since im not using a erin condren atm so it might be interesting to see how my planner compares to how people plan in a erin condren using this kit, in hindsight i think id go for matte kits when i purchase since glossy really isnt my thing - i know alot of people love it but its just not for me and when i do place a order i will show you and compare the difference between the glossy and the matte!

Disclaimer: as i said at the top of this post, i was gifted these stickers for this post. that doesnt change how i see them or how i feel about them.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Book Review ♥

hey loves, 

as i type this i havent actually got the pictures of the books im going to show.. purely because i forgot to take the pictures and have since borrowed them to my sister so the pictures your going to see are more than likely going to be in her house but the books are the mortal instrument book series the reason behind this is because on netflix they have shadowhunters which is based on the book with a twist - its not a straight book to tv series! they also made the first book into a movie which i have watched and didnt enjoy as much as the tv series. 

now these are in order i believe? i actually dont unless i see the back of the books which is terrible when i think about it. im only going to talk about the first 4 books in this post and then ill do a seprate post on the other two depending on how much people like this one.. please excuse the messy background like i said not in my house.. 

these books are about a shadowhunter (demon hunter) that didnt know she was one. her mother had been having her memories about that world wipped since she was young and on her 16th birthday her mother was kidnapped by her father who she thought was dead. she met jase (another shadowhunter) and his adopted brother and sister (also shadowhunters) by accident when noone else could see them (they was hidden by a rune) and from there they fell in love, was told they was brother and sister by her father since he had killed someone and taken his identity and needed another son. they find out they was injected with angel blood while still in the whom and have special talents no other shadowhunter has. he can do amazing things and she can write runes that never existed before. they find out there not brother and sister when her mother wakes up from drinking a potion. and as they say the rest is history.. 

personally i think there amazing reads not something i normally go for, im into the 50shades style books and love stories personally (dont judge me) but its definitely something id recommend to everyone! there beautifully written and you feel like your part of the book as if you watching a show and not reading, its nicely descriptive so you can visually see it, with that being said i do prefer the tv show mainly because so far they have left out the incest bit and its taken on a different twist of certain things! i know this isnt for everyone - trust me i never thought it was for me but id rate them 9/10 mainly because the fact that they fell inlove and then was told that they was brother and sister was very, very of putting. 

what books have you read lately? 

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Traceys Watching #1

Hey loves, 

Today ill be showing you what ive been watching on netflix this month/lately.. 

lets start with: 

charmed - remember watching this when it was first on the tv and it was a massive throw back for me and ive been really enjoying the series, im watching it while im watching some other things but i binged watched the first 2 seasons!

Pretty Little Liars - ITS BACK!! now i can binge watch this over and over and never get bored! i hate how they've put alison in the promo yet shes hardly in it but so far i love it! 

Sherlock - if you know me then you know i looovveee shows like this! i could properly get away with murder if i tried - not that im going to! but i love stuff like this. i hear its coming back but im not 100% 

between these ive been watching films.. please bare in mind i dont spend every waking moment in front of netflix so i dont watch a million programs a month!
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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

huge etsy haul ft washi tape & stickers ♥

Hey loves, 

im back today with a etsy sticker haul and some washi tape at the end :) 

from etsy

from etsy
from etsy

mundane mummy on etsy

michelle and patch

michelle and patch 

its only me, caralee order from etsy
stickers from candy pink designs
stickers from pemberley prints
more from pemberley prints
more stickers from its only me caralee

stickers from wendy prints
dream big and plan

its only me caralee

its only me caralee

its only me caralee
its only me caralee

its only me caralee

now im now on a massive spending ban! but the washi tapes that i brought are:

washi tape from aliexpress

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Makeup Wishlist ♥

Hey Loves, 

Today im going to be doing a wish list of makeup that im wanting to try, i wasnt really wearing makeup all the time but since going back to work ive been wearing it a lot more.  With that being said ive decided i need new makeup and these are the view items im sure you will be seeing in a haul soon! 

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Pemberly Prints ♥

Hey loves, 

Today i am doing a spotlight on pemberley prints, the shop is owned and run by Tasha. 

Before we go any further i would like to say that i did buy most of these stickers myself but when i spoke to tasha about what i was buying and why she offered to put in a few extra sheets that i didnt buy but she thinks id like - she was right! 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Planner Love: 1st - 7th ♥

Hey loves, 

This is the first time your seeing my personal planner i believe. i am planning on doing a full post on it when ive used it a little more. 

i decided to do these posts after the week has happened so that i can white this post at anytime during the week instead of trying to rush and get it up. 

this week ive done a sweet as candy theme for valentine's month! the complicated thing is its my birthday/pancake day/ valentine's day all in one week and ive got kits for all 3 what to do.. urll see next sunday!

washi tape is from aliexpress! 

stickers are from: 
date cover ups - michelle and patch 
to do list - pink candy designs
bow divider - pink candy designs 
recycle symbol - the plump planner
blogger symbol - the plump planner 
shopping basket - pink candy designs
cup - pemberly prints
little book - mundane mummy
camera - dream big and plan
tv - pemberly prints
laptop - the plump planner
tv - plannable designs
little pants washing line - pemberly prints
washing basket - dream big and plan
movie markey - plannable designs 
shopping trolley - the plump planner
nail polish - its only me caralee
planner - pemberly prints
birthday countdown - its only me caralee

anything not mentioned was a printable that was either free or that i made. 

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Nails Of The Week: makeup gallery - blood red ♥

Hello ladies, 

im my upcoming haul you will see how much ive gotten into my nail products recently, honestly ive got to the extremes! 

lately ive been all in for the dark vampy colours, dont let the brightness fool you its not really bright im person. its a true blood red. if you know me you know im all into my skinny jeans and leather jackets and black clothes down to my hair being red. 

my favourite top coat is the seche vite fast drying top coat dries in less than 60 seconds and i cant beat it.
you can get the makeup gallery products from any poundland. 

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Life Update ♥

Hey loves, 

well today im back and hopefully to stay, armed with my new planner (yourll see that soon too!) im ready to start the month with a new schedule! 

lets start with the new schedule shell we? - ive gone back to work! its only a part time thing but between that and home life my life was up in the air. i feel a little more settled now im used to the work im doing, that being said on the weekend i cant always find the time to write all my blog posts even the one that goes up on mondays. so i sat down with my planner armed with my pen and sticky notes and set up a new schedule - Tuesdays and Fridays and sundays are my planner love days! so each week either tuesday or friday you will see a beauty and a planner/life post. and sundays my planner at least until im settled and id then be throwing posts in here and there when i want  to.

im going to be trying to plan alot differently to what im used to. but you will see that soon! 

me and some etsy shops have been working together on some spotlights which you will all be seeing soon. 

im only going to be showing you the bare planner before i go in and put in anything senstive/private. i share so much with you all and i enjoy it but theres somethings i dont want to share with the whole of the world and i hope that you can understand so when you see my planner and think wtf its half empty i plan day by day and add appointments/work times in after! :) 

heres to a fabulous blog full february! 
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