Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Pemberly Prints ♥

Hey loves, 

Today i am doing a spotlight on pemberley prints, the shop is owned and run by Tasha. 

Before we go any further i would like to say that i did buy most of these stickers myself but when i spoke to tasha about what i was buying and why she offered to put in a few extra sheets that i didnt buy but she thinks id like - she was right! 

in hindsight i could have done with the bigger alarm clocks but that is my fault i ordered the small expecting them to be big enough to see the arms when i put them on but i want to place another order soon so ill order the bigger ones then and its no issue to write it next to the sticker. 

the kawaii hearts im currently using as my time of the month tracker just so i know when to expect it and regular it is - T.M.I but there we go and its discreet enough for me to leave my planner open in public and not feel embarrassed about people seeing it. 

the oops stickers are amazing for the whole planning to do something and not doing it, or the appointments that was cancelled. 

Tasha was good to me and sent me these which i was looking at when i placed my order but i stuck to the budget i set myself and i got so excited when i opened the envelope and these come out. 

The bath and spa themed ones where in my basket until i placed my order so i was so happy to receive them. 

i have a ton of envelope stickers but these are so different that it makes me reach for them more, im really enjoying marking my parcels at the moment so these help. 

i didn't use a tracker at all before but having these has made me realise what i want to track and since if i don't put it in my planner i forget or become lazy after a long stress-filled day i use it for silly things like brushing my teeth/flossing, washing my makeup off properly, etc. it just helps me since in the past i've been none to take a wipe to my face and thats it but it motivates me to get a tick! 

the hexagons ive been using in my note pages for when i order things but ill show you that in my future planner show. 

price: the price is amazing! £1.20 per sheet which is fabulous.

paper: the paper is easy to peel, in my old storage where i put them in a binder washi taped to card stock when i tried to remove them from the card they ripped a few stickers even though i got rid of the stickiness on the back my hand a bit first.  

finish: the finish is matte which i prefer but it does have a nice softness to them.

postage cost: the postage cost is a £1 per order! no adding up more just a standard £1

postage time: postage was very quick. i got the email saying it was dispatched and then when i checked my post 2 days after it was here. 

The lovely Tasha did set up a discount code for my followers which is "KISSESTRACEY" 20% off your order no minimum spend :) good until the end of the year!

Have a lovely day and ill see you soon :) 
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  1. I love those pink planner stickers, think i'll be taking advantage of the discount code when i make my etsy order next week because not suppose to be spending anymore but with a discount code i think i could get away with it just this once


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