Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Book Review ♥

hey loves, 

as i type this i havent actually got the pictures of the books im going to show.. purely because i forgot to take the pictures and have since borrowed them to my sister so the pictures your going to see are more than likely going to be in her house but the books are the mortal instrument book series the reason behind this is because on netflix they have shadowhunters which is based on the book with a twist - its not a straight book to tv series! they also made the first book into a movie which i have watched and didnt enjoy as much as the tv series. 

now these are in order i believe? i actually dont unless i see the back of the books which is terrible when i think about it. im only going to talk about the first 4 books in this post and then ill do a seprate post on the other two depending on how much people like this one.. please excuse the messy background like i said not in my house.. 

these books are about a shadowhunter (demon hunter) that didnt know she was one. her mother had been having her memories about that world wipped since she was young and on her 16th birthday her mother was kidnapped by her father who she thought was dead. she met jase (another shadowhunter) and his adopted brother and sister (also shadowhunters) by accident when noone else could see them (they was hidden by a rune) and from there they fell in love, was told they was brother and sister by her father since he had killed someone and taken his identity and needed another son. they find out they was injected with angel blood while still in the whom and have special talents no other shadowhunter has. he can do amazing things and she can write runes that never existed before. they find out there not brother and sister when her mother wakes up from drinking a potion. and as they say the rest is history.. 

personally i think there amazing reads not something i normally go for, im into the 50shades style books and love stories personally (dont judge me) but its definitely something id recommend to everyone! there beautifully written and you feel like your part of the book as if you watching a show and not reading, its nicely descriptive so you can visually see it, with that being said i do prefer the tv show mainly because so far they have left out the incest bit and its taken on a different twist of certain things! i know this isnt for everyone - trust me i never thought it was for me but id rate them 9/10 mainly because the fact that they fell inlove and then was told that they was brother and sister was very, very of putting. 

what books have you read lately? 

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