Friday, 19 February 2016

Traceys Watching #1

Hey loves, 

Today ill be showing you what ive been watching on netflix this month/lately.. 

lets start with: 

charmed - remember watching this when it was first on the tv and it was a massive throw back for me and ive been really enjoying the series, im watching it while im watching some other things but i binged watched the first 2 seasons!

Pretty Little Liars - ITS BACK!! now i can binge watch this over and over and never get bored! i hate how they've put alison in the promo yet shes hardly in it but so far i love it! 

Sherlock - if you know me then you know i looovveee shows like this! i could properly get away with murder if i tried - not that im going to! but i love stuff like this. i hear its coming back but im not 100% 

between these ive been watching films.. please bare in mind i dont spend every waking moment in front of netflix so i dont watch a million programs a month!
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