Sunday, 30 November 2014


hiya guys, 

this giveaway will be open until boxing day! and the winner will be picked not long after it ends, 

there will be 2 winners! 

the first winner will win: 

a naked pallette of your choice, 
a mac lipstick in rubywoo
a mac lipstick in velvet teddy
a mac mineralized skinfinish in lightscapade 

the second winner will win: 

a  £30 gift card to a shop of your choice!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Fragrance Direct Shopping List ♥

Hello my girlies, 

with less than a month to christmas, im here with my "boxing day wishes" we all know im a bargain hunter, dont get me wrong i have some high end items but i love my drugstore and thats what i focus my blog on.

fragrance direct is amazing for bargains and honestly i would order of there all the time if my bank account would allow me to,  which it sadly doesn't. 

Here are my current picks which i would personally pick up.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

rimmel moisture renew lipstick - piccadilly pink ♥

hello m'lovelies, 

Today im reviewing yet another lipstick, this one is from rimmel with the old packaging, i brought this from the packaging is a beautiful i love the purple, and i do enjoy the new packaging since its the same shade of purple.

i got this for £1.50 from fragrance direct but i believe they are £5.99 in boots and superdrug. 

the shade is a beautiful midtone pink and it is such a creamy formula which i really enjoy as you can geuss from  the name of the lipstick that its moisturising which is great for autumn and winter. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

MUA mosaic blusher - english rose ♥

hello my sweets,

oh well im back again with another little thing from mua, not that i needed another mua review but there we go. 
Today is this charming mosaic brusher, i brought the whole of the mosaic line when i purchesed this for £2.50 each not bad right? the packaging is fabulous! its sturdy and i can see the charming pattern, the whiting is coming of but that happens to alot of things but other all im impressed. 

isnt it just pretty when things are mosaic and stays that way when you swatch and use it?  i was put of for sometime using this because i was convinced that as soon as i put my brush it will all be mixed together and that was that, i was wrong since you can still see it perfectly. The reason for no swatch is because i couldnt pick it up on camera, since it gives of a delicate sheen more than pigment it was just hard to capture it, but it does give a beautiful pinky sheen to the cheeks. When i first tired this out i was going on a girly night so i put this on a thought of sh*t grabbed another blusher (wetnwild pearlescent pink) which also had shimmer in and then i already had my marylou on. but it looked fabulous (should have taken a picture) and not to over done. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

nyc ultra last lipstick - blue rose ♥

Hiya m'dears,

Today is a pretty lipstick from NYC, i don't have alot from this brand on a whole - few bronzers, few lipsticks, a mascara, few shadows and that's that - but this is a lipsticks that is incredibly comfortable to wear and lasts a decent amount of time on my ol' lips.The packing isn't the best but i prefer the black to the ones they have replaced it with but we all know me ill still buy a shade or 2 from that line. the lid is the main kicker which i cant get on board with it screams cheap to me and i know these are only £1.99 in superdrug but mua has proper lids and there a pound! no excuse. 

This shade to me screams valentines day, it is something id wear that day anyway. its a fuchsia pink with a blue shimmer running throw it making your teeth look whiter, but again i go back to it being a shade i reserve for valentines day or date night when i want my teeth to look a whiter than what they are and Haven't got time to use a whitening treatment. 

really impressed with the formula, the shade but the packaging isn't the best and could do with a little bit of a revamp and a coloured lid. the amount of times i have run a makeup wipe inside to get the lipstick of is silly!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MUA Single EyeShadows ♥

Hiya M'loves, 

As you all know i have done tons and tons of reviews on mua products, honestly i cant get enough, I'm a huge fan of the products. these helped me branch out into eyeshadow for the amazing price. The first ever one i picked up was shade 3 which is the first one in the picture it is a beautiful deep silver near grey shade, the other 6 i picked up online in one of my many orders.

top to bottom, shade 3, 12, 13,14,15,22,24
As you can see they are amazingly pigmented with just one swipe, they can become a bit powdery if your piling to much onto your brush.  these are all shimmer finish and beautiful shades, but they do some matte shades which I'm wanting to get my hands on and soon.

most of the shades have different under tones which makes them unique. 

shade 3:  a deep silver/grey shade 
shade 12: comes across as a deep brown in the pan, when swatched or on the lids it gives a brown-y bronze-y copper finish! beautiful.
shade 13: looks deep deep navy blue near black in the pan, when swatched or on the lids it gives of more of a blue and purple finish
shade 14: looks black in the pan but gives of more of a deep forest green when swatched.
shade 15: is a black in the pan and swatched - not a massively pigmented black but a black none the less.
shade 22: this is the lightest shade from mua i own, its a beautiful baby doll pink. Has alot more pigment than i thought it would have.
shade 24: my favourite out the bunch, dusky pink/mauve shade with a hint of plum and a dash of copper running throw it - the swatch on like looked alot more copper but it does have a pink-y mauve-y plum kick to it to.

over all i love them and will be picking up some more when i next place a order, they have recently brought out shades with names, not knowing if the shadows are these but re-released or new I'm not sure to buy them or not but ill need to find out and soon! 

Monday, 17 November 2014

NYC Sun 'n' bronze bronzer - montauk bronze ♥

hiya my darls,

first of all the packaging is pretty basic, the round pan and lift of lid. i like that i can see the coloured lines and the indents but really it doesnt seem all that from the packaging indecision. 
i ended up buying this since i love the the nyc sunny bronzer.

the colour is pretty much the same shade as the sunny bronzer but this is maybe a tad darker by about half a fraction, it does have a slight shimmer but it doesnt pick up on the skin at all. for the price i paid (£2.50) its pretty amazing and i would highly recommend. 

the swatches below are swipped and blended.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder ♥

Good morning sunshine, 

Today im bringing my new obsession - literally - there are so many reviews in this little baby im going to try and keep this short. 

the packaging is cardboard and slim, perfect for travel and if your like me, taking a makeup bag to your partners house on the weekend thanks to this little gem i can fit in a lot more! 

can we please just talk about the scent? i dont know how i havent eaten it! chocolate is my thing and this feels my nostrils every morning dont get me wrong its not over powering but i have to have a smell. The shade is perfect for a pale so and so like me, i have shade 51 and its not at all orange-y. it does have specs of shimmer but they dont transfer to the skin at all so you can contour with this. i personally use this to bronze up my face and then contour with another gem.

this is £7.99 from boots and superdrug 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Fotd #7

items used: 

maybelline superstay betterskin foundation - ivory
seventeen staytime concealer - fair
natural collection loose powder
bourjois chocolate bronzer 
sleek contour kit - light
chit chat blusher - desert flower
rimmel brow pencil - hazel
natural collection clear mascara
natural collection solo eyeshadow - milk chocolate
maybelline mny eyeshadow - 120
l'oreal infallible eyeshadow - endless chocolate
urban decay naked basics - walk of shame
avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil - mascara
avon supershock mascara
nyc showtime waterproof mascara
natural collection moisture shine lipstick - fig leaf 

Friday, 7 November 2014

MUA 2013 blusher - cupcake ♥

Hiya my loves,


today I'm reviewing the last I'm the collection of the 2013 blushers from mua, i have finished of my collection recently and this was one of the ones that i didn't own. 

I previously stated that i didn't like the packaging to these blushes, i personally prefer circle pans for blush! these packaging would work better for their eye shadows - personal preference - This shade for me is reserved for when I've gone a bit bold on the eyes, its a nude with a hint of pink going on which is uber pretty! specially teamed with a matching lipstick, the formula is a hard powder don't get much dust when i sweep my brush in unlike their old blushers. 

For a pound these are amazing quality and if i didn't already have them all id actually go and buy all 6 shades! 

highly recommended! 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

makeup revolution wishlist ♥

Hi my loves, 

For the last few months ive been lusting after some items from makeup revolution and ive finally decided that i should actually do a wishlist on it, im actually hoping to get these in the next few weeks as part of a christmas present. So this is my list: 

if your anything like me, you love a good blush! these are the ones id personally choose and are on my list!

these are the random face items which i find intriguing and items that id love to review for the up and coming new mua, lets hope ive found my new favourite brand!

the reason for only showing the palettes i want is because this post is already miles long, and i haven't even got to lips yet! we all know lips is going to be ALOT! - come on, its me!

now then, thats finished! well not quite, theres so many lipstick shades that i would still love to get my hands on but this would go on forever! and im sure its long enough 

love you all m'dears! 

Monday, 3 November 2014

revlon super lustrous lipstick - gentlemen prefer pink ♥

The background i prefer is back, plain and white, i love it! the reason i actually stopped using it is because the thing i was using got so much make up all other it that i retired it! and now i picked up a fresh clean card! but what do you prefer the plan or the lips?

now back to the review - a lipstick - of course - once upon atime i was asked what my favourite brand of lipsticks are and i said mua straight away but one lipstick from Revlon and there was no turning back, the formula is creamy, rich, moisturising, comfortable to wear  and everything the price tag promises. The packaging is classy and honestly i like it, it looks kind of vintage and would have looked perfectly at home on my Nana's dressing table. 

The finish of this particular lipstick is pearl, which adds a gentle sheen to the lips without the ott shimmer which can either make or break a lipstick (in my experience it breaks alot of them). The colour is a beautiful mid tone pink and is one i reached for alot on summer!

These are £8.99 from boots and superdrug. i got mine of eBay for £2.99