Wednesday, 5 November 2014

makeup revolution wishlist ♥

Hi my loves, 

For the last few months ive been lusting after some items from makeup revolution and ive finally decided that i should actually do a wishlist on it, im actually hoping to get these in the next few weeks as part of a christmas present. So this is my list: 

if your anything like me, you love a good blush! these are the ones id personally choose and are on my list!

these are the random face items which i find intriguing and items that id love to review for the up and coming new mua, lets hope ive found my new favourite brand!

the reason for only showing the palettes i want is because this post is already miles long, and i haven't even got to lips yet! we all know lips is going to be ALOT! - come on, its me!

now then, thats finished! well not quite, theres so many lipstick shades that i would still love to get my hands on but this would go on forever! and im sure its long enough 

love you all m'dears! 

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