Friday, 21 November 2014

nyc ultra last lipstick - blue rose ♥

Hiya m'dears,

Today is a pretty lipstick from NYC, i don't have alot from this brand on a whole - few bronzers, few lipsticks, a mascara, few shadows and that's that - but this is a lipsticks that is incredibly comfortable to wear and lasts a decent amount of time on my ol' lips.The packing isn't the best but i prefer the black to the ones they have replaced it with but we all know me ill still buy a shade or 2 from that line. the lid is the main kicker which i cant get on board with it screams cheap to me and i know these are only £1.99 in superdrug but mua has proper lids and there a pound! no excuse. 

This shade to me screams valentines day, it is something id wear that day anyway. its a fuchsia pink with a blue shimmer running throw it making your teeth look whiter, but again i go back to it being a shade i reserve for valentines day or date night when i want my teeth to look a whiter than what they are and Haven't got time to use a whitening treatment. 

really impressed with the formula, the shade but the packaging isn't the best and could do with a little bit of a revamp and a coloured lid. the amount of times i have run a makeup wipe inside to get the lipstick of is silly!

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