Friday, 7 November 2014

MUA 2013 blusher - cupcake ♥

Hiya my loves,


today I'm reviewing the last I'm the collection of the 2013 blushers from mua, i have finished of my collection recently and this was one of the ones that i didn't own. 

I previously stated that i didn't like the packaging to these blushes, i personally prefer circle pans for blush! these packaging would work better for their eye shadows - personal preference - This shade for me is reserved for when I've gone a bit bold on the eyes, its a nude with a hint of pink going on which is uber pretty! specially teamed with a matching lipstick, the formula is a hard powder don't get much dust when i sweep my brush in unlike their old blushers. 

For a pound these are amazing quality and if i didn't already have them all id actually go and buy all 6 shades! 

highly recommended! 

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