Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MUA Single EyeShadows ♥

Hiya M'loves, 

As you all know i have done tons and tons of reviews on mua products, honestly i cant get enough, I'm a huge fan of the products. these helped me branch out into eyeshadow for the amazing price. The first ever one i picked up was shade 3 which is the first one in the picture it is a beautiful deep silver near grey shade, the other 6 i picked up online in one of my many orders.

top to bottom, shade 3, 12, 13,14,15,22,24
As you can see they are amazingly pigmented with just one swipe, they can become a bit powdery if your piling to much onto your brush.  these are all shimmer finish and beautiful shades, but they do some matte shades which I'm wanting to get my hands on and soon.

most of the shades have different under tones which makes them unique. 

shade 3:  a deep silver/grey shade 
shade 12: comes across as a deep brown in the pan, when swatched or on the lids it gives a brown-y bronze-y copper finish! beautiful.
shade 13: looks deep deep navy blue near black in the pan, when swatched or on the lids it gives of more of a blue and purple finish
shade 14: looks black in the pan but gives of more of a deep forest green when swatched.
shade 15: is a black in the pan and swatched - not a massively pigmented black but a black none the less.
shade 22: this is the lightest shade from mua i own, its a beautiful baby doll pink. Has alot more pigment than i thought it would have.
shade 24: my favourite out the bunch, dusky pink/mauve shade with a hint of plum and a dash of copper running throw it - the swatch on like looked alot more copper but it does have a pink-y mauve-y plum kick to it to.

over all i love them and will be picking up some more when i next place a order, they have recently brought out shades with names, not knowing if the shadows are these but re-released or new I'm not sure to buy them or not but ill need to find out and soon! 

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