Monday, 3 November 2014

revlon super lustrous lipstick - gentlemen prefer pink ♥

The background i prefer is back, plain and white, i love it! the reason i actually stopped using it is because the thing i was using got so much make up all other it that i retired it! and now i picked up a fresh clean card! but what do you prefer the plan or the lips?

now back to the review - a lipstick - of course - once upon atime i was asked what my favourite brand of lipsticks are and i said mua straight away but one lipstick from Revlon and there was no turning back, the formula is creamy, rich, moisturising, comfortable to wear  and everything the price tag promises. The packaging is classy and honestly i like it, it looks kind of vintage and would have looked perfectly at home on my Nana's dressing table. 

The finish of this particular lipstick is pearl, which adds a gentle sheen to the lips without the ott shimmer which can either make or break a lipstick (in my experience it breaks alot of them). The colour is a beautiful mid tone pink and is one i reached for alot on summer!

These are £8.99 from boots and superdrug. i got mine of eBay for £2.99

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