Monday, 17 November 2014

NYC Sun 'n' bronze bronzer - montauk bronze ♥

hiya my darls,

first of all the packaging is pretty basic, the round pan and lift of lid. i like that i can see the coloured lines and the indents but really it doesnt seem all that from the packaging indecision. 
i ended up buying this since i love the the nyc sunny bronzer.

the colour is pretty much the same shade as the sunny bronzer but this is maybe a tad darker by about half a fraction, it does have a slight shimmer but it doesnt pick up on the skin at all. for the price i paid (£2.50) its pretty amazing and i would highly recommend. 

the swatches below are swipped and blended.


  1. This product looks so pigmented and amazing!

    Paige x
    Skin & Roses

  2. From the photos it looks like you are just as pale as me, so this might be one for me to pick up. I have so much trouble finding bronzers and blushers that don't make me look ridiculous!


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