Monday, 29 June 2015

MUA lipstick - persian rose ♥

hey loves,

Today I'm back with a review from mua, its been a minute since i last reviewed a lipstick from them and i think I'm about 3 of having the whole collection which i will be picking up. 
lets talk packaging, its the standard mua black and silver plastic packaging which i enjoy, i like them being all lined up in my acrylic lipstick holder.

mua has never let me down when it comes to pigmentation bar shade 4, that is a whole different board game, this is alot more creamy than most since mua used to add lashings of glitter to a lovely shade which normally put me off the colour completely, this shade is on the neon side of fuchsia pink but is wearable and i have worn it to work, when i was in college and if i was just popping out for a meal it lasts ok while drinking and eating but i often take my lipstick off when i eat since i don't want to be eating lipstick. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Planner/Stationery Haul

Hey guys, 

in the last few weeks ive done some major damage to my bank account, and not just on makeup and clothes. ive brought quite a bit of planner stuff (im still waiting on ALOT of stuff to arrive too so there will be another haul soon!) 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Favourite Brow Product ♥

Hello loves, 

ive been through the mill with eyebrow products, ive tried it all, pencils, powders, gels, ect. i dont like them to waxy because it just slides all over my face and i just makes them look shine-y i prefer a pencil for ease & control but i prefer a dryer pencil. this is perfect for me i have had it in blonde but its not so easy to get it in person now where the hazel is easier to get from boots and superdrug for 2.99 its pretty darn good!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Fragrance Direct Haul ♥

Hey loves, 

today im here with a LARGE fragrance direct haul.. 

nail polish in order: 
sally hansen complete manicure - take the leap
sally hansen complete manicure - pedal to the metal
sally hansen complete manicure - sun day 
nyc in a new york minute - perfect day
nyc in a new york minute - prospect park pink
orly - basket case

Friday, 12 June 2015

yoursclothing does makeup ♥

Hey loves, 

just a little heads up, yoursclothing now sells makeup! w7 makeup at that, now we all know im enjoying the w7 brand atm, and now all you lot can order while your ordering clothes, love it!

are just a few items on the website!! go go go.. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

maybelline superstay 24hour foundation - ivory ♥

hello loves,

I'm becoming a foundation fanatic, I've brought and tried quite a few recently that i believe there's been one nearly every month? 
i brought this one as part of my 3 for 2 from boots one time when i was on a maybelline foundation kick (if there's 2 foundations from the same brand i will pick up a 3rd from the same brand anyone else do that? i also get most my foundations in the 3 for 2 because I'm a bargain hunter!) this is a foundation I've tried and tried and tried but just cant love, i like it but i don't love it, all my beauty girls will understand when its just a "mehhh" product. Its got a pump which i like & its a glass bottle which again i love, you cant take the pump of though which i find wastes alot of product which gets stuck to the sides and bottom of the bottle which i would normally just tap out onto the back of my hand. 

it looks so so orange on my hand which is very strange since it was a perfect match when blended out properly, on my face it looks fine when its all done and dusted since I'm pretty good at picking out my shade now just by looking at the bottle since I'm always pale, i don't fake tan and i don't tan normally since my skin just doesn't do it for me which i deal with. it doesn't last 24 hours on me but that might mean I'm in the environment since I'm always in a hot environment and rushing here and there doing this and that basically always using heat either on me, on clients and well everyone but i only have to touch up once on a full day in the salon so not that bad, its more drying than i would like so i do use this with a beauty blender to add more of that hydration and my primer is a glowy one when i use this.

Like i said i just don't love it, i can and will use it because its not all that bad but its not something i reach for i actually force myself to use it. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Essence long lasting lipsticks - 07 natural beauty & 11 nude love ♥

Hello loves, 

Lipsticks are my fortay, im trying not to buy anymore until i get new storage since i cant see the shades ive got so until i can get the storage i want im trying (trying hard) not to buy any but these two i got a few months ago when i was on my nude lips kick which is still happening. i really like the packaging im a sleek packaging kinda girl and the embossed essence logo is just a cherry on tip of the cake for me. beautiful. 

natural beauty: is a cream finish which has a shine in the light, a mauve pinky nude which im in to. i wear this alot more than nude love for the fact it looks alot better on me, and doesnt make me look so dead in certain lights.

nude love: a cream finish which has a gloss in the light, a pinky nude at its best, i like nudes but i prefer them a little more darker and is some lights makes me look very ghostlike.

overall i enjoy the formula of these lipsticks, and i have got a list of ones i want to purchase, its just a shame that my wilko's doesnt stock the whole line of shades.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Makeup Academy LUXE Lip Lacquers ♥

Hello loves, 

i picked up a few of the luxe lip lacquers in my last mua haul, but only the shades i knew id wear im not a orange/red lip kinda girl just yet but ill get there. I love the packaging, the frosted tubes and the gold writing on black, it reminds me of something alot more expensive than these are since they're only £3 a pop. 

The shades i got are: 
Aflush - a hot barbie pink
funk - a darker pink which is slightly leaning towards the red shade
criminal - a bright in your face hot pink
dare - a deep berry shade.
kooky - a vampy dark purple

the picture is learning more light and dark on some of the shades. but there all beautiful and try matte! they can be a little bit drying if you havent moisturized  your lips before hand but i love them, they are something i forget about since in the morning i need my lipsticks to be quick and easy and when rushed these can get a little messy with them being so bright, i think im going to order the more nude-y shades and then ill hopefully use them alot more than i have done, but ive worn dare out drinking a few times and it does not budge! 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

planner posts ♥

Hey guys!

Ive been very sparse with my planner posts, and the reason for that is because im not doing anthing really i need to plan for. Im at home alot more these days thanks to my back being in crippling pain & im changing up my set up a little bit actually who am i kidding? its going to be dramatically changed. im not decorating as much as i do when i need to concentrate on it, prettiness just makes me want to do it alot more than before. 

Im also moving out slowly, hence the bedroom wishlist, ive got a new house which are being built at the top of my road atm and we are buying one so you will see alot more moving wishlists, theres like 20 houses being built so we looked around the show house which was built last year, we looked at it before christmas and i fell in love, there 4 bedrooms but a small 4 bedroom, so its alot more cottage like and cosy. we've had our names down since happy days. i will be having a "office" where i can blog, work from home with my hairdressing and nails and makeup so thats exciting. The next few weeks my life is going to change dramatically and im so excited for it. 

This is just a quick post to let you know that my planner will get back to normal soon i hope, but with alot of stuff getting packed away, and more and more stuff being delivered when looking at my planner its got so much personally stuff in and i share so much with you all already atm it needs to be a little private but it will get back to normal soon maybe beginning of july? i hope you all understand and are supportive about this.

Monday, 1 June 2015

A small boots haul ♥

Hey loves, 

Now i went in to boots for the 2 collection gorgeous glow, but my boots i went to is small and they only had one so i picked that up in blush brick, i then got the collection eyes uncovered nude palette since i wanted them anyway so i got this one and ill be getting the other 2 at a later date, the miss sporty glossy eye in peanut butter was a bit of a wim but i need them all now! ALL! 

now i said small but i bet you wasnt expecting it to be this small was ya? well stay tuned because a big haul is coming your way soon!