Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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Hey guys!

Ive been very sparse with my planner posts, and the reason for that is because im not doing anthing really i need to plan for. Im at home alot more these days thanks to my back being in crippling pain & im changing up my set up a little bit actually who am i kidding? its going to be dramatically changed. im not decorating as much as i do when i need to concentrate on it, prettiness just makes me want to do it alot more than before. 

Im also moving out slowly, hence the bedroom wishlist, ive got a new house which are being built at the top of my road atm and we are buying one so you will see alot more moving wishlists, theres like 20 houses being built so we looked around the show house which was built last year, we looked at it before christmas and i fell in love, there 4 bedrooms but a small 4 bedroom, so its alot more cottage like and cosy. we've had our names down since happy days. i will be having a "office" where i can blog, work from home with my hairdressing and nails and makeup so thats exciting. The next few weeks my life is going to change dramatically and im so excited for it. 

This is just a quick post to let you know that my planner will get back to normal soon i hope, but with alot of stuff getting packed away, and more and more stuff being delivered when looking at my planner its got so much personally stuff in and i share so much with you all already atm it needs to be a little private but it will get back to normal soon maybe beginning of july? i hope you all understand and are supportive about this.

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