Friday, 26 June 2015

Planner/Stationery Haul

Hey guys, 

in the last few weeks ive done some major damage to my bank account, and not just on makeup and clothes. ive brought quite a bit of planner stuff (im still waiting on ALOT of stuff to arrive too so there will be another haul soon!) 

i brought these from the 99pstore to store my stickers in. LOVE them! the one with flowers holds all the stickers ive made and printed and the butterfly one holds all the ones ive brought (not all i have a folder of others too!) 

my favourite pens are the pilot frixion pens! ive got some others coming too.. 

list pads from b&m sets of too.. for being punched into my planner and for the back of it.

stickers 2 for 99p from the 99pstore

sticky notes from aliexpress and ebay! 

from ebay for a set of 2. 

a dashboard i had made by a lovely lady on facebook!

and the last but not least thing i brought is my favourite thing of life right now! 

i brought a DOKIBOOK!!! im going to do a whole post on this so watch out but isnt he pretty?! 

right guys so far that is all thats arrived! there still loads more to come which means ANOTHER HAUL!

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