Friday, 5 June 2015

Makeup Academy LUXE Lip Lacquers ♥

Hello loves, 

i picked up a few of the luxe lip lacquers in my last mua haul, but only the shades i knew id wear im not a orange/red lip kinda girl just yet but ill get there. I love the packaging, the frosted tubes and the gold writing on black, it reminds me of something alot more expensive than these are since they're only £3 a pop. 

The shades i got are: 
Aflush - a hot barbie pink
funk - a darker pink which is slightly leaning towards the red shade
criminal - a bright in your face hot pink
dare - a deep berry shade.
kooky - a vampy dark purple

the picture is learning more light and dark on some of the shades. but there all beautiful and try matte! they can be a little bit drying if you havent moisturized  your lips before hand but i love them, they are something i forget about since in the morning i need my lipsticks to be quick and easy and when rushed these can get a little messy with them being so bright, i think im going to order the more nude-y shades and then ill hopefully use them alot more than i have done, but ive worn dare out drinking a few times and it does not budge! 


  1. I've been so tempted to purchase these but I had never seen swatches! It's great how opaque they are! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog Hun!!

    1. i love them, but there BOLD so really not all that wearable in the day time unless you can get away with wearing bold stuff at work! and aww thank you hun xx

  2. I STILL haven't tried any of these, but I so need to as they look amazing :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. oh yeah u do need to try these! there lovely xx


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