Monday, 29 June 2015

MUA lipstick - persian rose ♥

hey loves,

Today I'm back with a review from mua, its been a minute since i last reviewed a lipstick from them and i think I'm about 3 of having the whole collection which i will be picking up. 
lets talk packaging, its the standard mua black and silver plastic packaging which i enjoy, i like them being all lined up in my acrylic lipstick holder.

mua has never let me down when it comes to pigmentation bar shade 4, that is a whole different board game, this is alot more creamy than most since mua used to add lashings of glitter to a lovely shade which normally put me off the colour completely, this shade is on the neon side of fuchsia pink but is wearable and i have worn it to work, when i was in college and if i was just popping out for a meal it lasts ok while drinking and eating but i often take my lipstick off when i eat since i don't want to be eating lipstick. 

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