Monday, 8 June 2015

Essence long lasting lipsticks - 07 natural beauty & 11 nude love ♥

Hello loves, 

Lipsticks are my fortay, im trying not to buy anymore until i get new storage since i cant see the shades ive got so until i can get the storage i want im trying (trying hard) not to buy any but these two i got a few months ago when i was on my nude lips kick which is still happening. i really like the packaging im a sleek packaging kinda girl and the embossed essence logo is just a cherry on tip of the cake for me. beautiful. 

natural beauty: is a cream finish which has a shine in the light, a mauve pinky nude which im in to. i wear this alot more than nude love for the fact it looks alot better on me, and doesnt make me look so dead in certain lights.

nude love: a cream finish which has a gloss in the light, a pinky nude at its best, i like nudes but i prefer them a little more darker and is some lights makes me look very ghostlike.

overall i enjoy the formula of these lipsticks, and i have got a list of ones i want to purchase, its just a shame that my wilko's doesnt stock the whole line of shades.

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