Monday, 30 March 2015

W7 High Definition Foundation - Buff ♥

Hey sweets,

W7 has been featuring on a lot of blogs recently aswell as mine, this was on a market stall with a few other bits that ive already done a review on, this was the first foundation ive tried from the brand and the packaging really impressed me, a class bottle aswell as a pump all for £2?! pretty good right?

The names a big claim to not be able to hold up to, i keep referring to the price because a high definition foundation is normally above the £10 mark so a very big claim. i can say that it blurs everything, and i mean everything! i can have the worlds biggest spot on my chin and it will blur it out and looks fabulous in pictures, (see below) it looks quite dark but its actually a perfect match for my pale self. it claims to last 16hrs i havnt put that claim to the test but i can wear it to 10hrs without a issue and could possible wear it longer.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

planner week 12 ♥

Hey Loves,

this is last weeks view, as you can see i went for a pink theme which i love the washi is from ebay and all the stickers i printed myself and the pen well thats a new addition to my planner i wanted them from ebay but i decided in the end not to buy i found them in poundland! bargain :) 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Make Up Revolution blusher - love ♥

Hey loves, 

makeup revolution took the beauty world by storm last year when they arrived on the sence and started a battle of the affordable brands with MUA, they done good really since MUA got a bit stuck in the mud and needed that shove to release new items. 

Everyone assumed that MUA & MUR was in some way related or the same company, it turns out they was created in the same hands apart from MUA was a joint brand with someone who brought the MUR creator out, but MUR was invent by him alone (ive spoken to MUR pr people for this information darlin) 

i personally prefer the MUR blusher packaging, it just feels more sturdy rather than flimsy and it clips shut! win win, and im kinda a bit on love with the writing shade (rose gold - HELLLOOOO!) and i prefer the circle rather than rectangle swings and roundabouts but it all matters really doesnt it? 

the shade is MATTE! HALLELUJAH!! i love matte blushes so i can add my own highlight if and when i need it/want it.  the shade is a soft coral perfect for this time of year and looks beautiful on pale skin like mine. It can get quite powdery if you get to much on your brush but its opaque enough to only need a tap into it.

for £1 its fabulous

Monday, 23 March 2015

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - Wear Berries! ♥

Hey dolls,

Essence came across the pond last year and since their arrival in wilkos i have come to love the brand for lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses, oh hell everything lip related since thats all ive tried so far! Essence has 2 different types of lipstick - the original and the long lasting i haven't tried the original so i cant compare but if you have please let me know down below ill be intrested in your thoughts. 

the packaging of the long lasting lipsticks is really simple but beautiful none the less, im come to enjoy simple black with a little hint of colour recently and this is no different. 

The finish of this lipstick is slightly more matte than the picture is giving off and it sticks around alot longer than most lipsticks of this price range too. the shade is a berry pink which as we all know i enjoy alot! it does give of a slight gloss but not something id be worried about when my hair is down, its a creamy texture rather than a hard to work with formula and since buying this i now have 5 of them, really worth the £2.40 in my opinion.

in the picture above it is only one swipe and can be built up to the full opaqueness of the bullet if desired, this does stain the lips so fades beautifully through out the day.

any shades you have tried and recommend? 

Friday, 20 March 2015

collection does it all mascara - black ♥

Hello Loves,

As we all know i very rarely switch out my mascaras or buy new ones, its the one thing that slips my mind where makeup is concerned and unless it gets really dry ill continue to use it until the end of time - ofcourse this isnt possible but you get my point right?

collection have come a long long way since they was collection 2000 dont you agree? the packaging has come on in leaps and bounds they changed the old boring basicness and added a bit of pop to the tubes to make it eye catching. ofcourse the packaging is really pretty, the colours make me happy which is always a good thing and for a £4.99 mascara its fabulous.

the brush is a rubber bristle brush which isnt my first choice i find i poke myself in the eye with them more often than not, but the brush is really easy to control, with the little ball on the end i can get really close to the tear ducted lashes with out getting it all other my nose too which is a bonus, it gave me a little bit of length, and alot volume, i found i needed to curl my lashes to really enjoy the finished look but thats not a huge difference for me since the only time i dont is if im in a hurry and if im in a rush i just wont be using this mascara not a huge biggie. The only bug bare for me is as i explained i forget to buy mascaras and this is one that drys out pretty darn quick, if it wasnt for that it would get 10/10 but when its dry it flacks, it smudges and just ends up being a hot hot hot mess! so for that reason alone its got to be 8/10.

any mascaras that i should try?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick - primrose ♥

Hey loves,

Today im going to be reviewing this very pretty lipstick from revlon - while im in my sick bed - the packaging is beautiful, and honestly it would have fitted right in on my nannas dressing table it just gives of that vintage look, revlon keeping it old school! Revlon has been under alot of heat lately due to a racist comment made by the CEO and as much as i dont agree with what he said there are other people behind the brand that make this product worth having no make up company is a one man show so im continuing to buy revlon for the thousands of other people behind the name, and if it was just him i might change my mind but at the moment im still in love with them. 

The finish and texture of this lipstick is creme which for me is perfect, i love my mattes and cream lipsticks as you all shell know by now no glitter just a pretty sheen. the colour is coming of alot more pink than it is, it is actually a more nudey pink which goes perfectly with my pale self, this lipstick can last along time on me which is fabulous ive been known to wear it to work and leave it for hours before touching up. 

what revlon lipsticks do you enjoy?

Monday, 16 March 2015

planner introduction & week 11 ♥

Hey lovies, 

so im back after a 2 week break with no posts im coming back introducing my love her name is ruby and shes quickly becoming more important than lipstick (WHAT!) so what make is she? shes a filofax a5 domino in red. 

isnt she pretty? the only thing i dont like is the band id prefer it if it was black but other than that its lovely.

in the pockets i keep sticky notes and a love sign, some small letter paper and a project life card, which im planning on punching into ruby sooner or later.

and this is week 11 in my planner, im going to be doing these a week behind the actual week so i can show you the end of the week and not the beginning since somethings go in during the week and not at the beginning, most stickers i make myself or print myself (the section names i made, the quotes i printed, the weekend banner i printed, the laptops i printed, the pay day i printed, the trolley i printed, the makeup brush things i printed the dewdrops i printed, ect ect) the washi i brought and recieved samples, the other stickers i got from wilko, the butterflies is a post it cut to size, the arrow is a masking tape sticker, and the thumbs up is a sticky note from ebay.

if you would like to see all my sections ill do a run through of my whole planner, just let me know, if you want to see how i plan & store my planning stuff i can do that too.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

well hello...

hi guys, 

you are going to notice that im a bit MIA soon, that is because im in a bit of a dilemma with my blog. i love doing it but soon im not going to have the time to sit down and do all my blog post, that being said im going to keep it going but for the next week or so im not going to be around! well, not as much. the blog is going to have a over haul and im going to be doing some bits and pieces related to different things not just beauty. 

see you soon loves.