Monday, 16 March 2015

planner introduction & week 11 ♥

Hey lovies, 

so im back after a 2 week break with no posts im coming back introducing my love her name is ruby and shes quickly becoming more important than lipstick (WHAT!) so what make is she? shes a filofax a5 domino in red. 

isnt she pretty? the only thing i dont like is the band id prefer it if it was black but other than that its lovely.

in the pockets i keep sticky notes and a love sign, some small letter paper and a project life card, which im planning on punching into ruby sooner or later.

and this is week 11 in my planner, im going to be doing these a week behind the actual week so i can show you the end of the week and not the beginning since somethings go in during the week and not at the beginning, most stickers i make myself or print myself (the section names i made, the quotes i printed, the weekend banner i printed, the laptops i printed, the pay day i printed, the trolley i printed, the makeup brush things i printed the dewdrops i printed, ect ect) the washi i brought and recieved samples, the other stickers i got from wilko, the butterflies is a post it cut to size, the arrow is a masking tape sticker, and the thumbs up is a sticky note from ebay.

if you would like to see all my sections ill do a run through of my whole planner, just let me know, if you want to see how i plan & store my planning stuff i can do that too.

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