Friday, 20 March 2015

collection does it all mascara - black ♥

Hello Loves,

As we all know i very rarely switch out my mascaras or buy new ones, its the one thing that slips my mind where makeup is concerned and unless it gets really dry ill continue to use it until the end of time - ofcourse this isnt possible but you get my point right?

collection have come a long long way since they was collection 2000 dont you agree? the packaging has come on in leaps and bounds they changed the old boring basicness and added a bit of pop to the tubes to make it eye catching. ofcourse the packaging is really pretty, the colours make me happy which is always a good thing and for a £4.99 mascara its fabulous.

the brush is a rubber bristle brush which isnt my first choice i find i poke myself in the eye with them more often than not, but the brush is really easy to control, with the little ball on the end i can get really close to the tear ducted lashes with out getting it all other my nose too which is a bonus, it gave me a little bit of length, and alot volume, i found i needed to curl my lashes to really enjoy the finished look but thats not a huge difference for me since the only time i dont is if im in a hurry and if im in a rush i just wont be using this mascara not a huge biggie. The only bug bare for me is as i explained i forget to buy mascaras and this is one that drys out pretty darn quick, if it wasnt for that it would get 10/10 but when its dry it flacks, it smudges and just ends up being a hot hot hot mess! so for that reason alone its got to be 8/10.

any mascaras that i should try?

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